From Vishakha being shown mysteriously to Omkar knowing she is still alive: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka

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Last week drunk Raghav tells Mayura he needs to leave as there is an emergency. After he leaves, she asks Manjiri for video of conversation so that they can send it to crime branch and judge as well. But Manjiri didn’t save the video.

Raghav wakes up with Mayura’s photo frame by his side. Sanjay informs them that Omkar is being taken somewhere from the jail. Omkar asks Pandey on whose orders are they taking him but he doesn’t tell him anything. Raghav tells Pandey that Omkar shouldn’t come back and the explosion should look like accident rather than encounter.

Mayura reaches jail and finds Omkar is missing. She angrily asks Raghav about it. Raghav says all the prisoners have been taken for workshop. Mayura tells Omkar isn’t proved guilty. Omkar sees Pandey’s phone fallen down, so he uses his foot and dials Mayura’s number. He tries to give some hints about where he is being taken.

Mayura tells she needs to meet Manjiri and leaves. Pandey locks Omkar in a room from outside and leaves. Pandey gets a time bomb placed inside Omkar’s room by his men. Mayura, Megha and Raghav come to location according to hints given by Omkar.

Raghav is shown meeting some mysterious person whose face isnt revealed but she hurts Raghav by pushing chair against him and shows newspaper which has news of Omkar’s case being transferred to crime branch.

Raghav tells her to let him handle the case he wants and he remembers their deal. Even if anything goes wrong her name won’t come up. Mayura finds Pandey and asks him about Omkar. Omkar sees Mayura and shouts from inside the room.

Mayura enters Omkar’s room and they share a hug. Mayura tells she feels there is something wrong with the room and they should leave immediately but Omkar’s leg get trapped in chair and they cannot go out.

Raghav comes there and wants to go inside room but suddenly there is explosion. Raghav enters inside. Omkar and Mayura both gain consciousness. Raghav gives his hand to Mayura but Omkar picks her up and moves out of room carrying Mayura. Raghav tries to show his concern but Mayura angrily slaps him.

She asks him which kind of workshop was this, and why was Omkar locked inside a room alone in such secular place. Raghav tells explosion was due to cylinder and he didn’t plan all this. Omkar tells him he wants to just create distance between Omkar and Mayura. Raghav tells he came into his case after Vishakha’s death and he himself is cause of going away from Mayura. He also resigns from the case.

Raghav tears some of Mayura’s posters from his room and says why can’t she understand he is much better than Omkar for her. He tells a call from someone and tells he knows his plan failed and she can give him any punishment but he won’t let any scratch come on Mayura. Omkar and Mayura meet at police station .

Omkar tells Mayura that Raghav’s intention towards her are not good. Mayura tells even she had a doubt today when Raghav said he came after Vishakha’s death. She even tells about how Raghav mentioned some lady when he was drunk. Megha comes and tells Mayura Omkar didn’t get bail. Mayura and Manjiri say they will go and talk to judge but get surprised seeing Omkar outside.

Megha tells Mayura, Omkar wanted to give them surprise so she didn’t tell about this. Manjiri tells she will remove bad eye from him and burns chillies. They all share some light moments. Pandey tells Omkar is still on house arrest and there is tracker tied on his feet, if he tries to leave house they will know about it.

Manjiri feed Omkar lots of food . Both Omkar and Mayura wish Tara to be there with him. While she is bringing kheer, Omkar pulls her closer and they share some romantic moments together. Later Mayura gets call from Sanjay and she tells she will come there.

She informs Omkar and Manjiri that Sanjay has seen Omkar going outside town so she will go to follow him. Omkar wants to go but realises he is on house arrest. Megha ensures she and Sanjay will keep Mayura safe. Mayura reaches the place and tries to look inside the room but window is too dirty. Inside room, Vishakha is shown pointing gun towards Raghav.

Raghav and Vishakha have an argument and she points a gun at Raghav for his carelessness. Mayura keeps trying to look inside but she can see only Raghav. Raghav tells Vishakha to shoot if she can and then smoothly takes the gun from her.

Mayura gets up on window pane to peep inside clearly but her phone slips down from her hand which makes Raghav and Vishakha alert. Mayura runs and comes to Megha and Sanjay and tells they need to go back immediately.

While at home Omkar wanted to come there as he was worried but Manjiri makes him understand he is on house arrest and cannot leave like that. Mayura tells she did follow him and asks him what was he hiding about Omkar’s case in such a place away from the city.

In the room a couple is shown having tea. Raghav tells he is just trying to help her before leaving and hands over Omkar’s case file to her. He tells he has called this couple to give fake evidence in favor of Omkar so that he can be free from Vishakha’s case.

Mayura tells she doesn’t need to fabricate false evidence to prove Omkar’s innocence. She sees something fallen on floor. Mayura pretends to take blessings from couple and quickly picks up the small piece from floor. Mayura is talking to Omkar on call and suddenly she starts screaming as their car’s brakes have failed and Sanjay couldn’t control it. Omkar leaves the house to save Mayura.

When Omkar reaches there, Mayura hugs him. Pandey brings Omkar to police station and Mayura tries to explain him that Omkar was not running but just went there to save her. Raghav comes and tells Pandey to leave Omkar and that he was present there too and Mayura is saying truth.

Omkar asks him why is he pretending to be good and they again have battle of words. Pandey tells him he is no more a part of Omkar’s case so he cannot follow his orders. Mayura meets Raghav asks tells him why is he doing all this.

Raghav tells Mayura he had seen everything on spot so he really wanted to help. Omkar and Mayura talk about the circumstance and Mayura shows the piece which she picked up.

Vishakha is sitting and suddenly realizes a piece of her bracelet is broken. She wonders when did she lose it. Mayura hopes Raghav doesn’t give any statement which would make Omkar stay in jail.

Megha tells them that Omkar has got bail and everyone gets happy. But she says there is a condition that Raghav will stay with Omkar and keep an eye on him. Omkar tells its better to stay in jail than accepting this condition.

Mayura tells she is ready to accept the condition. She tells Omkar he will be more safe at home with everyone. Mayura tells Raghav to accept the condition or she will think he doesn’t want to help Omkar and was just acting. Raghav agrees to go. At home, Omkar tells them its wrong decision to bring Raghav at home.

Mayura makes him realize that if Raghav is around they can know about his next move. She consoles and ensures Omkar that their unity against Raghav will make them win. Raghav comes there and spoils the moment.

Omkar freshens up and opens his cupboard to take clothes, he is shocked to see only his clothes are there. Mayura comes and he asks why her clothes are not there and if she wont stay with him.

Mayura tells him she wants them to start afresh but she is afraid. Omkar asks if she is afraid of him but she denies and tells she is afraid of their destiny. The way they separate everytime before coming closer. Omkar promises this time he won’t let anyone separate them. They go and eat dinner together and whole family shares light moments.

Raghav comes there and tells he will take his dinner to his room. Suddenly Manjiri faints and everyone gets worried. Raghav recalls mixing something in Manjiri’s glass of water. Mayura brings back Manjiri from hospital and tells Omkar Shankar is bringing medicines.

Suddenly they hear his screams. Branch from tree had fallen on Shankar and hurt him badly. Omkar sees Raghav’s reflection. He goes to meet Raghav and ask about it. Raghav tells he is responsible for Manjiri’s condition too. He tries to instigate Omkar more and shows him his family pictures which had put on board.

Omkar tells Mayura Raghav had hurt Manjiri and Shankar. Mayura is shocked and tells they should do police complaint or talk to his seniors. Raghav is shown hearing all their conversations, he says he has placed microphones everyone in the house. Vishakha calls Raghav and threatens him to remove Omkar from their lives within 3 days or else she will hurt his love.

While Mayura searches Raghav’s room to find some evidence Omkar tries to deviate Raghav. Later, Raghav feels suspicious and plays recorder to overhear,he hears that Mayura tells Omkar they couldn’t find anything at Raghav’s room.

Megha is talking to someone in corridor and Raghav makes her unconscious. When Mayura goes out to call Megha, she finds her hanging on terrace railing. Omkar goes and asks Raghav why is he hurting his family. Raghav tries to threaten him but Omkar doesn’t get afraid. Raghav feels frustrated.

Manjiri tells Mayura she wants to do havan to remove bad eye from their family. She tells that havan kund is in store room. Manjiri tells she will go to bring havan kund, but Mayura tells she will bring it. Raghav gets shocked to see that Mayura went to store room instead of Manjiri.

Raghav tries to show his concern but Mayura angrily scolds Raghav. Mayura and Omkar recall they had placed microphones and cameras to keep eye on Raghav. Also when Raghav attacked Megha, everything was recorded.

Mayura recalls how she wore mask, and carefully entered the room to avoid getting shock or major injury. Omkar tells now they have enough evidences against Raghav. In the upcoming week, Omkar will realize Vishakha is alive while Mayura will know about Raghav’s obsession for her.

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