From Yuvraj revealing his plan to Sulochana and Kabir to Kabir joining hands with Mishka: Read out what all happened this week in your favorite show “Yeh Hai Chahatein”

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This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Sharda tells Preesha to talk to Rudraksh about Sunny. Preesha learns that Sharda already knows Sunny’s truth and asks her that why she hided this huge truth from her. Sharda explains her saying that recently only she got to know about Sunny and already problems were going on between Preesha and Rudraksh so she didn’t wanted to complicate the things by telling the truth. Sulochana and Kabir learns that it’s Yuvraj who brought Sunny to Khurana mansion.

Yuvraj reveals to them about how he met Reema in the masquerade party and how he asked her to lie if she want to become Rudraksh’s wife then and she also joined hands with him. Sulochana says to him that this plan will break Rudraksh and Preesha’s relationship definitely. Rudraksh tells everything to Preesha and pleads her to believe him and asks her to help him to find Sunny’s mother and also to know that Sunny is really his son or not. Preesha nods at him and he thanks her.

Preesha says to Sunny that he can stay with them from now on and asks Sunny about his mother but he don’t know anything about Reema so he asks her to bring food for him to change the topic. Then he goes to Yuvraj and asks to help him to answer Preesha’s questions. Yuvraj tells him that he will do something to resolve the problem. Yuvraj, Sulochana and Kabir learns that Preesha is not angry with Rudraksh and Sunny.

Later Rudraksh finds city hospital number from Sunny’s bag and learns that Reema died and he informs about it to Preesha. Rudraksh and Preesha sleeps with Sunny and Saaransh feels insecure seeing that and thinks his parents don’t love him now. Rudraksh hesitates to tell Reema’s death news to Sunny but Sunny overhears Rudraksh and Preesha’s conversation. So Preesha reveals to Sunny about Reema’s death. Rudraksh and Preesha consoles him but Saaransh misunderstands seeing them together.

Yuvraj recalls how he gave city hospital number to Sunny and also how he gave bribe to ward boy of city hospital to lie to Rudraksh about Reema’s death. He learns about Saaransh’s insecurities and provokes him against Preesha and Rudraksh. Preesha and Rudraksh decides to watch cartoon movie to cheer Sunny and so Preesha tells Servant to call Saaransh. But Saaransh didn’t get Preesha’s message and questions her for watching movie without him. Then Sunny and Saaransh fights to sit in between Rudraksh and Preesha. Preesha solves the problem by making both of them sit between her and Rudraksh.

Mishka asks Sulochana about the future plan. Yuvraj insults her and fights with Kabir. Mishka and Kabir joins hand to prove their worth to others. Preesha informs other family members about Reema’s death. Saaransh thinks he become invisible for his parents and they cares about Sunny only now. Sulochana provokes Saaransh against Preesha. Khurana’s learns about Kabir and Mishka’s marriage. Yuvraj taunts Kabir for marrying Ahana’s sister.

Rudraksh scolds Kabir for marrying Mishka instead of waiting for Ahana. Mishka defends Kabir and reveals about her pregnancy. Preesha tells Mishka that she should not have married Kabir. Kabir warns Preesha to stay away from him and Mishka because he knows that she can do anything to break their marriage. Sulochana blames Preesha for Kabir and Mishka’s marriage.

Rudraksh takes stand for Preesha saying that Preesha is not responsible for the marriage. Later, Sulochana slaps Kabir for marrying Mishka. Mishka taunts Yuvraj and Sulochana for their stupid plan and reveals to them that she is not pregnant and she married Kabir for Saaransh’s custody. She tells them that they has to prove that she and Kabir are ideal couple who can take care of Saaransh not Preesha and Rudraksh to get Saaransh’s custody.

Rudraksh is upset with whatever happening recently. So Preesha consoles him saying that she is with him and they can solve the problems together. Sunny sleeps with Preesha because Saaransh wanted to sleep with Rudraksh. Saaransh lies to Sunny saying that Preesha loves flowers. Sunny gives flower bouquet to Preesha then learns about her allergy and apologize to her. He tells her about Saaransh’s lie and he want to call her as ” Mumma “. She gives permission to him but Saaransh opposes that.

Saaransh fights with Sunny and Preesha tries to stop him. Mishka holds Preesha’s hand and accuses her saying that Preesha tried to beat Saaransh. Preesha tries to defend herself saying that she was not about to beat him. But Saaransh refuses to believe her. Rudraksh consoles Preesha saying that these kind of fights are common between kids so they need to give time to Saaransh.

Saaransh sleeps in Mishka’s room. Preesha gets upset with it. Next day, she learns that Saaransh is not in the house and informs about it to Khurana’s. Mishka and Saaransh comes from outside. Saaransh tells them that he and Mishka went to beach and he ate pizza and ice cream. Preesha tells Mishka that junk foods are not good for Saaransh’s health. Mishka tells her that Saaransh was sad so she brought jung food to cheer him. Sulochana supports Mishka. Preesha drops Saaransh in his friend’s birthday party but he avoids her.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that, Mishka will scold Preesha for not picking up Saaransh from his friend’s birthday party. Saaransh will say to Preesha to he hates her.

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