Gatbandhan:- Bharat’s another evil move to bring twist in the show

Colors TV popular shows Gatbandhan is all set for interesting drama with the evil plans of Bharat and Mai. As reported earlier Raghu saves Dhanak from the deadly plan of Mai and Bharat but it seems the trouble doesn’t end here.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Raghu saves Dhanak during Janmashtami Dahi handi competition. Both Bharat and Mai puts scorpion inside the dahi pot which Dhanak is about to break but it gets exchanged and Raghu saves Dhanak on time. But as a twist in the tale, the scorpion drama doesn’t end there. Raghu asks his father and mother to feed him butter with their hands from the same pot which contains scorpion. Bharat gets bitten by the scorpion and gets admitted in the hospital. A mystery man keeps watch on Dhanak hiding in the hospital and Raghu notices him. He follows him but couldn’t catch him.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that the mystery man is Bharat’s man who has come to deliver the antidose for the scorpion bite. Bharat wakes up and explains his next plan of separating Raghu and Dhanak to him. He asks him to disguise as an investor and fool Raghu the next day by signing contract papers to keep him busy.

In the meantime, Dhanak reveals about her case and Raghu warns her to keep the file safe. The file contains all the secret information about the kidnapping racket. Later the mystery man visits Raghu and seals a deal with him. Raghu says that he’ll sign the deal only after Dhanak’s approval shocking both Mai and Bharat.

Will Raghu and Dhanak ever find the culprit? Will Mai and Bharat get exposed in front of Raghu and Dhanak?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes

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