Gatbandhan :- Dhanak finds the whereabouts of Raghu’s father.

Colors tv popular shows Gatbandhan is all set for exciting twists and turns in its upcoming episodes. After the reunion of Raghu and Dhanak, the show is now focusing on the mystery of Raghu’s father.

In previous episodes, it’s seen that Dhanak after a deal with Mai gets married to Raghu. Mai being all evil succeeds in stopping their suhagraat with various plans. Later Dhanak finds Mai doing pooja all dressed up as a married woman and gets shocked. When Dhanak confronts Mai of the same Mai reveals that her husband is a criminal and ran away leaving her and her son in misery. She blames him for the reason of her becoming Don. Dhanak empathizes with Mai while Mai asks her to keep it a secret from everyone including Raghu.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Dhanak and Raghu will have a normal conversation about his father but Mai misunderstands it. She thinks that Dhanak broke her promise and will decide to punish her. She with the help of her maid drops marbles on the floor when Dhanak dances. Dhanak slips and twists her leg while Mai feels happy. She makes use of the situation and stops their suhagraat yet again by postponing it till Dhanak recovers. Dhanak will send Raghu’s father photo to her department and asks them to collect information about him.

But the twist in the tale arrives when she finds that he’s not a criminal but a simple school teacher. Dhanak decides to find out the truth on her own. She will leave the house without anyone’s knowledge but Mai suspects her and asks her maid to follow Dhanak.

Why did Mai lie about the reality of her husband and will Dhanak ever finds out the true face of Mai is yet to be revealed.

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