Gatbandhan:- Dhanak to sneak yet again?


Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan is all set for a new entry. Raghu’s father Bharat Jadhav is the latest new entry in the show.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Dhanak is on a searching spree of Raghu’s father and finds that he’s not any criminal as framed by Mai but just a simple school teacher. When Dhanak is about to investigate more about him Mai twists her leg with her evil motive of stopping Raghu and Dhanak suhagraat.

Raghu strictly ordered Dhanak to not step out of the house till she recovers. But Dhanak sneaks out to enquire about Raghu’s father lying to him. Mai notices it and sends Raghu to the same place as Dhanak. Raghu sees Dhanak breaking the promise and feels betrayed. Dhanak somehow finally convinces him but Mai continues with her evil plans.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Mai will separate Raghu and Dhanak by another evil plan. She gives money to the ceiling repairer and him with excess usage of driller will breaks down the wall of Raghu and Dhanak bedroom. Raghu and Dhanak after reconciliation reach the place for yet another shock. Mai acts as if its an accident and blames the ceiling repairer for the collapse.

Raghu gets worried about the added expense while Dhanak stands by him for support. Dhanak gets assigned with a major case after her recovery so she’s in rush to enquire about Raghu’s father. She once again sneaks out of the house without anyone’s knowledge and let her sister Mehak take her place in her absence.

Later Dhanak returns and gets shocked to see Mai at the door who asks her to reveal Raghu of her secret. She asks Dhanak to inform Raghu about her breaking her promise before she does. She leaves smirking leaving a shock and confused Dhanak.

Will Dhanak identify Mai’s true face or will she fall in her trap and gets separated from Raghu will be revealed in upcoming episodes.

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