Gatbandhan :- Dhanak’s life in danger and Raghu is tensed.

Colors TV popular shows Gatbandhan is all set for another life-threatening danger for Dhanak. As reported earlier Mai and Baba hatch a deadly plan to trap Dhanak and sending her to jail by kidnapping the terrorist under her control. It seems their job gets easy as even before they got a chance to get rid of Dhanak forever.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Raghu signs the contract papers of the cafe according to Mai and Baba’s plan. Later both Dhanak and Raghu decides to check on the interiors and leaves for a night walk without anyone’s knowledge. Mai who’s also present in the same place with Baba’s men gets shocked with the sudden arrival of Raghu and Dhanak. She hides along with Baba’s men and they all manage to escape without anyone’s notice.

But Raghu and Dhanak gets suspicious and goes separate ways to find if there’s who’s present in the cafe. Raghu finds Baba’s men and runs behind them while Dhanak is about to check the hiding place of Mai. When she’s about to catch Mai someone hits her from the back and it’s revealed to be Baba. He hides before Dhanak could see him whole Dhanak shouts for Raghu and falls unconscious.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that unconscious Dhanak goes unnoticed because of cement falling on her, covering her. Raghu searches for her madly while Dhanak gets buried in the wall by the site workers unaware of Dhanak being inside. Raghu finds her mangalsutra on the ground but before he could search Dhanak gets buried completely in the wall.

Will Raghu manages to save Dhanak and Will Mai and Baba gets exposed will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

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