Gatbandhan: Mai reveals the biggest truth of her life

Colors popular show Gatbandhan after a dramatic marriage for the lead couple Raghu and Dhanak is now gearing up for some truth revelation.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Dhanak blackmails Mai with her involvement with drug racket case and strikes a deal with her. After lots of commotions, Raghu and Dhanak tie the knot with Mai’s blessings. Mai agreed for their marriage only for the sake of her deal with Dhanak. She’s still on her revenge spree and is trying various methods to separate her from Raghu. She even stops their suhagraat by setting her own bed on fire. Dhanak starts doubting Mai but Mai cleverly tackles her with her fake acting.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Raghu informs Dhanak about his father’s death anniversary. Dhanak decides to stay but Raghu sends her off to duty. Mai will express her hatred for Raghu’s father and asks Raghu to get a gift for Dhanak to divert him. Raghu calls Dhanak and will ask her to come to a certain place to surprise her. Upon her arrival to the place Dhanak notices Mai performing pooja in the temple like a married woman and gets shocked.

When Dhanak confronts Mai of the same she reveals that her husband is not dead. She says that he’s a bad person who ran away leaving her and her son. Dhanak feels bad for Mai and Mai asks Dhanak to keep it as a secret.

Later Raghu and Dhanak have a normal talk about his father. Mai’s servant overhears it and misunderstands their talks. She informs to Mai about it and Mai gets furious on Dhanak for revealing the secret to Raghu.

Did Dhanak really reveal Mai’s secret to Raghu and will Raghu’s father ever comes back to them is yet to be revealed. To know more about the upcoming twists and turns in this show stay tuned to this space.