Gatbandhan: Raghu feels guilty as he blames himself for Dhanak condition.

Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan is going to be an emotional ride not only for the audience but also for the lead couple Raghu and Dhanak. As reported earlier Raghu finds Tiwari to be a fake investor and thrashes him. He escapes from Raghu with his parent’s help and they, in turn, blames Raghu as the reason for the mishap making him guilty.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Bharat tells Mai that Raghu has gone to Mirza tailor. He will find out about Tiwari’s woman who took the briefcase. Mai scolds him asks him to call him. Bharat calls but he doesn’t pick up. Raghu comes to market to see tailor but he finds Tiwari beating a man, he is shocked. He finds Tiwari to be a fake investor and gets angry. He thrashes him and when Mai and Baba are about to be exposed they let Tiwari escape by striking a deal with him. In turn, they provoke Raghu against himself and makes him feel guilty.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Mai and Bharat get Raghu into believing that He’s the reason for Dhanak’s suffering as he’s the one who brought Tiwari home. Raghu sees Dhanak’s blind trust on him and feels extremely guilty. In the meantime, Preeti asks Dhanak to spend more time with Raghu to move on in life. Other side Raghu screams thinking that he is the reason behind Dhanak losing everything. Raghu gets drowned in guilty.

Will Raghu manage to prove Dhanak innocence? Will Mai and Baba get exposed in front of Raghu and Dhanak? Will Dhanak gets her job back after clearing her name? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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