Gatbandhan: Raghu gets a clue and finds Tiwari to be a fake investor

Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan is ready to witness some interesting twists and turns with Raghu finding a clue to catching the culprit. As reported earlier Raghu fights with the commissioner to prove Dhanak’s innocence and gets arrested. Now it will be seen that Raghu will find a clue that will lead him to one of the culprits Tiwari getting exposed.

In the previous episodes, it will be seen that Raghu goes to the police station and gets into a fight with the commissioner and gets arrested. Bharat brings Raghu home. Mai slaps him hard. Dhanak hugs Raghu while Mai brings the gun. She gives it to Raghu and asks him to shoot her. He refuses to do so but she forces him and suddenly bullet is fired but nobody gets hurt. She says that she has made this house and asks him not to play with it as he has no right. Dhanak cries and Mai tells Raghu that Dhanak has lost her respect and it’s she who’s bearing the punishment of it. In the meantime, Raghu finds the thief lady’s cloth piece and investigates it.
In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Bharat tells Mai that Raghu has gone to Mirza tailor. He will find out about Tiwari’s woman who took the briefcase. Mai scolds him asks him to call him. Bharat calls but he doesn’t pick up. Raghu comes to market to see tailor but he finds Tiwari beating a man, he is shocked. He finds Tiwari to be a fake investor and gets angry.

Will Raghu manage to prove Dhanak innocence? Will Mai and Baba get exposed in front of Raghu and Dhanak? Will Dhanak gets her job back after clearing her name? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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