Gatbandhan:- Raghu to have a emotional reunion with his father

Colors TV popular shows Gatbandhan is all set for new twists and turns with the entry of Raghu’s father Bharat Jadhav.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Dhanak is on a searching spree of Raghu’s father and finally meets with him. She introduces herself to be his son’s wife and requests him to meet him once. At first, Bharat denies to meet Raghu but then Dhanak convinces him.

Raghu is all excited for his new job unaware of Mai’s plotting. Mai had set Madhan to lure Raghu with the business so that he gets busy and be away from Dhanak. Dhanak gets all excited and plans a surprise for Raghu by bringing back his father but her happiness gets spoilt by a message from Bharat that he doesn’t have the courage to meet Raghu.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Dhanak goes to enquire Bharat about his change of mind at the last minute. But to her shock she finds him caught up by the children kidnapping racket and rushes to help him. But to her bad luck, the goons defeat and capture her too. Raghu who arrives at the same place finds Dhanak in trouble and saves her unknowingly saving his father too.

Raghu impatiently waits for Dhanak in their home as he gets his first salary from his new business. But he gets shocked to find his father with Dhanak whom he believed to be dead. The father-son duo has an emotional reunion but their moment gets spoiled by Mai who refuses to accept Raghu’s father back.

Raghu gets in the dilemma in choosing sides as he wants both his mother and father. Dhanak will play a major role in uniting the family

Will Dhanak succeed in uniting the family and will Mai gets exposed to Dhanak will be revealed in upcoming episodes