Gatbandhan:- Raghu’s father is as evil as his mother

Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan is all set for a shocking revelation. As mentioned earlier Dhanak brings Raghu’s father to unite him with his son. But the twist arrives when it’s revealed that he is he’s not as innocent as he claims. Yes, you heard it right. He’s a criminal.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Dhanak finds Raghu father and convinces him to meet his son. She was all excited to unite Raghu with his father but at the last minute he didn’t turn up. Later Dhanak saves him from goons and convinces him to come with her to his house. After lots of hesitation, Bharat agrees to Dhanak’s request and visits his son and wife. Both Mai and Raghu gets shocked seeing Bharat alive. Raghu gets extremely happy and hugs him emotionally.

The father-son duo has an emotional reunion only to be separated by Mai. Mai gets furious at him for abandoning her and her son in their bad times. She behaves hysterically and throws him out and also emotionally blackmails Raghu to stay away from him. She scolds Dhanak for bringing him back in their lives while Dhanak says that if not her, Raghu needs his father in his life.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Dhanak takes an unconscious Bharat in her house and promises to unite him with his son. But as a twist in the tale arrives when Bharat sneaks out at night without anyone’s knowledge only to be caught by Mai. Mai acts and makes fun of him and all of a sudden his attitude changes.

Later it is revealed that Raghu’s father is equally evil as Mai and they both have planned this drama to fool Dhanak. Now both Bharat and Mai join hands in plotting against Dhanak without her having any idea about it.

Will Dhanak ever finds out the true colors of Mai and Raghu’s father? Will she able to save her marriage with Raghu? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.