Gatbandhan:- Terrorists to attack Dhanak and set fire around her

Colors TV popular shows Gatbandhan is all set for an action pack sequence ahead. Earlier it’s seen that Mai and Baba tried a lot to get Dhanak’s fingerprints to unlock the briefcase containing her plan but all their efforts go in vain. Finally, they both managed to get succeed in stealing the plan.

In the previous episodes, it’s seen that Raghu saves Dhanak from the wall which is built around her when she was conscious. Later Mai and Baba hatch a plan to get Dhanak’s fingerprints by getting her thumb impression on wheat flour but Saku spoils it. Later they hatch another plan by sending Tiwari’s fake wife to steal the briefcase from cupboard and Raghu and Dhanak runs after her.

In the meantime, they mix the briefcase with many similar ones and Dhanak uses her fingerprint to find the real one. Mai diverts Dhanak’s attention and Baba takes a photo of the plan in the meantime. Later both Raghu and Dhanak decides to hatch another plan as there are chances for their old plan got leaked. They inform the same to commissioner but hides the fact about the old plan getting leaked.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Dhanak takes Kalyan Katri hatching a new plan but terrorists attack the police force by setting fire around Dhanak’s car. Dhanak struggles to escape while the terrorists kidnap Kalyan Katri from another vehicle. Raghu calls her and gets to know about the situation but remains helpless. Dhanak tries hard to reach the terrorists but couldn’t due to the fire around her.
Will Mai and Baba succeed in kidnapping Kalyan? Will Dhanak manages to complete her duty? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Keep tuned to this space for more upcoming twists and turns of this show.