Gathbandhan 10th September 2019 Written Update:- Raghu gets a clue that will lead him to the culprit

The episode starts with Mai saying that it’s her house which she made with lots of efforts. She says that no one has the right to break it. Mai softens soon. She scolds him and starts beating her with sandals as a punishment. Mai shows her concern for Raghu with anger. She says that this blood is given her and he has no right to waste it. Raghu hugs her.

Mai says that only two things matter in her life, one is her respect and other is him. Dhanak has already ruined the respect and now only he’s left now. She beats him again and Bharat holds her. She asks him to think about her before doing something and leaves. Baba takes Raghu inside and Dhanak stands helpless and shattered.

Daadi asks Dhanak’s sisters to hide about Dhanak being her sister to the groom’s family. They are against it at first but Daadi convinces them. Dhanak comes there and Daadi sends Naina to stop Dhanak from entering. Dhanak sees her sister meeting the groom’s family and starts leaving as she understands the situation. Naina back hugs her and Dhanak says that she can understand. Daadi says that she’s helpless and can’t let go off this alliance and asks her to understand. Daadi leaves and Dhanak looks at Preeti speaking with the groom.

Dhanak promises Preeti to always have her blessing even when she’s far away from her. Naina by mistake switches on the TV and Dhanak’s news telecast on it. Naina switches it off and apologizes for the mistake. The groom’s family badmouths about Dhanak and her family and Preeti stands up supporting Dhanak. She asks them to not blindly believe all the news and Naina to stands by her. It starts turning into the argument and Daadi intervenes and puts an end to it.

Raghu calls Dhanak and asks about her whereabouts. Dhanak asks him to not panic as she’s not that weak to take a wrong step and asks him to believe her. She says that she just needs to be alone and Raghu assures her that they will catch the culprit soon. He cuts the call.

Saku sweeps the floor and a piece of Saree cloth catches his attention. She asks Saku about where she found it and she says that she found it near the cupboard. Raghu is sure that neither Mai nor Dhanak wears such sarees. He gets reminded that it’s a thief lady’s saree piece. Bharat sees Raghu examining the cloth and understands his thoughts.

Dhanak cries alone and Daadi comes there. Dhanak hugs her and Daadi apologizes to her. She explains her situation to Dhanak. Her sister assures her to stand by her side no matter what. Dhanak gets emotional.
Bharat says Mai about Raghu finding the piece of cloth. He says that he’ll find Savita using it and from there it will lead him to Tiwari. Mai scolds him.

Precap: Raghu uses the clue and finds Tiwari to be fake