Gathbandhan 12th August 2019 Written Update:- Mai continues her evil plans while Dhanak lies to Raghu once again.

The episode starts with Dhanak and Raghu reaching their residence and finds his friends beating ceiling repairer. When asked about the reason Mai asks him to go and see inside the house.

Raghu and Dhanak rush inside to find the wall of their bedroom crampled down. Raghu gets shocked seeing this.

Mai acts concerned for Dhanak and creates a fake story of the ceiling collapsing while he’s drilling the wall. But in reality, it’s all her plan.

Raghu enquires the ceiling repairer about the charges for repairing it. The ceiling repairer says that it will take more 15000.

Mai asks Dhanak if she can able to arrange money who says that she can but only around 10000. Mai asks everyone to leave and stay outside while Raghu stands worried.

Everyone gets out while Dhanak consoles Raghu. She asks him to not worry while Raghu gets determined to somehow fix the house and give Dhanak the life she deserves.

Mai dances with her maid outside all happy. She says that she has finally succeeded in creating distance between Raghu and Dhanak. She also says that at least for fifteen days their suhagraat won’t take place.

Raghu cleans the house while Dhanak disturbs him to divert him from getting depressed. They share a romantic moment but Dhanak signals him about others present in the room as well. Raghu leaves to clean and Dhanak offers to help but Raghu forbids her.

Later while cleaning dust falls in his eyes and Dhanak removes it. They share an emotional moment and Dhanak kisses his eyes.

Commissioner says constable to give an important file to Dhanak in person as to its importance. Dhanak reads the file and says that the crime rate in Mumbai rose to high rates with drug deals and many anti-social activities. She decides to investigate it after finding out Raghu’s father by lying the last time to Raghu.

Raghu and Dhanak share a romantic moment. Dhanak gets remembered of her meeting with Raghu’s father. Dhanak messages her sister to take her place in the house while she leaves to meet Raghu’s father. Dhanak’s sister reads the message and gets nervous. She calls Dhanak but Raghu forbids her to attend the call. She calls once again but this time Raghu lifts the call. She starts blabbering but Raghu thankfully didn’t pay attention to it and teases her and gives the phone to Dhanak. Dhanak asks her to listen without interrupting her and asks her to meet her outside.

Dhanak’s sister calls her outside while Dhanak sneaks out without anyone’s knowledge. Dhanak asks her to listen carefully and asks her to shift place with her. Dhanak’s sister at first gets doubtful but Dhanak convinces her. Raghu wakes up to find Dhanak’s place empty and goes in search of her.

Dhanak spots Raghu while she’s talking with her sister. Dhanak’s sister hides before Raghu could notice her. Raghu scolds her for leaving without informing. Dhanak makes the excuse that she’s leaving for washroom and asks him to stop following her. Raghu says Dhanak that he knows where she’s going.

Precap: Raghu opens the door to find Mai. Mai asks Dhanak to inform about her night out to Raghu before she does.