Gathbandhan 12th September 2019 Written Update:- Raghu gets drunk and Dhanak and Raghu consummate

The episode starts with Dhanak arguing in the market and speaking proudly of her husband. Raghu hears it and feels guilty. Dhanak works in kitchen and Raghu comes there. Dhanak asks him about Mai and once again expresses about her trust on him. Raghu couldn’t face Dhanak and leaves while Dhanak feels his behavior weird.

He meets Mai and Baba on his way who asks about his health but he simply walks off. Mai gets irked with Dhanak’s I don’t care attitude. She asks Dhanak to take care of Raghu as he’s already stressed out. She asks her to stay strong as well as take care of Raghu.

Dhanak expresses Preeti about her worry. Preeti asks her to move forward in her life and it will make Raghu happy. She says that there’s already so much problem revolving around them and asks how could she plan under these circumstances. Preeti says that money is not needed to have a happy life and asks her to plan something for Raghu. Dhanak gets into thinking.

Mai and Baba discuss about Tiwari. Baba plans a way to shut Tiwari forever. Raghu explains about Tiwari’s truth to Aslaan and he gets shocked. Raghu feels worried while he gets Tiwari call. He gets angry and asks him the reason. He asks him to check the inbox and cuts the call. Raghu sees a video message of Tiwari with his family during Ganpati Pooja. He gets shocked and Tiwari calls again. He says that right now only Dhanak is blamed as a traitor but if he reveals the video then his whole family will face the same situation as Dhanak. He asks him to come to the place he mentions.

Raghu is seen drinking remembering his mistake while Dhanak all ready in a red saree arranges a dinner date for them. Raghu gets worried about how he’s going to face Dhanak after his mistake while Dhanak eagerly decorates the place to surprise Raghu. She keeps waiting for him.

Raghu enters to find Dhanak sleeping with her head on the table. He apologizes her for his mistake and asks her to be with him. Dhanak wakes up and gets shocked seeing Raghu drunk. She asks him to not stress out as she’s more confident now and will not break easily. She says asks him not to worry. She thinks he’s drunk because of her losing job and respect.

Raghu asks her to not leave him at any condition and cries. Dhanak says that she won’t. He fails to believe her and Dhanak’s assures him that no matter what she’ll not leave him. Raghu gets emotional and they hug.
Dhanak falls on Raghu and they both get romantic. They tried to get up but once again falls down. They express their love for each and become one. Mai keeps calling Raghu and Dhanak but couldn’t find them. She gets doubtful.

Precap: Dhanak says about their union and Mai fumes. She plans for her another move during Preeti haldi.