Gathbandhan 13th August 2019 Written Update:- Dhanak meets Raghu’s father and wants to unite him with Raghu


The episode starts with Raghu saying that he knows where she’s leaving. He says that the ladies toilet is the other side. She makes Raghu leave and asks her sister to handle until she arrives and leaves the place.
Raghu’s father is seen teaching the kids.

Dhanak sees him and gets emotional. He completes the class and starts leaving but sees Dhanak and stops. She asks for his name and he says it’s Jagdeesh Patel. She asks his real name and says its Bharat Jadhav.

She shows him the proof and he says he’s only Jagdeesh. He starts leaving but Dhanak stops him revealing her identity. Dhanak asks her the reason for him running away. Bharat gets emotional and breaks down.

Dhanak consoles him and asks him to meet his son once. She says his son loves him so much and promises to unite him with his son.

Dhanak’s sister messages her to come fast and Raghu wakes up and goes to check on Dhanak. He finds her asleep and starts leaving but finds the Haldi missing on her leg. He brings another Haldi and tries applying it on her leg’s but Dhanak sister narrowly escapes.

Dhanak reaches her home and calls her sister from outside. Dhanak’s sister opens the door and Dhanak gets shocked seeing Mai behind her sister.

Mai asks Dhanak’s sister to close the door and starts scolding Dhanak. Dhanak tries explaining Mai but Mai asks her to give her explanations to Raghu before someone informs him. She asks her to keep her help in her mind and leaves. Dhanak gets determined to unite Raghu with his father.

In the morning both Dhanak and Mai are seen cooking together when Dhanak gets the commissioner’s call. She explains to him about the case study and says that she can’t meet him as she’s not well. Dhanak finds Mai eavesdropping her conversation and tacts the situation well.

Raghu and Dhanak have a conversation about his new job while Mai smirks seeing him getting in her trap. Raghu says he wants to leave to his new job but Dhanak convinces him to wait with her some time as she has a surprise for him.

Raghu at first denies but later accepts to her request. Mai doesn’t want them to be together even for two minutes and plans something.

Raghu is working in pav bhaji stall while Dhanak waits for Bharat. Mai calls Madhav and asks him to get Raghu busy.

Raghu starts leaving as he’s getting late but Dhanak stops him. She asks him to wait for a few more minutes. To her luck, a customer arrives and Raghu goes to attend him. A person gives Dhanak a chit from Bharat who says that he can’t meet his son as he doesn’t have the courage to face him.

Raghu sees Dhanak tensed and taps on her shoulder. He asks about the surprise and Dhanak says that it can’t be done now asks him to leave. Raghu scolds her for her behavior while Dhanak apologizes to him. Raghu leaves and Dhanak calls the station and informs that she’ll be late.

Precap: Mai and Raghu get shocked seeing Bharat Jadhav in front of them.

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