Gathbandhan 13th September 2019 Written Update:- Preeti’s haldi ceremony and Raghu tries revealing the truth to Dhanak

The episode starts with Raghu and Dhanak waking up after their love-filled night. Raghu recalls last night’s events and curses himself. He came for telling the truth but everything is ruined. He admires a sleeping Dhanak. He leaves and Dhanak calls out for him. She wakes up when she couldn’t find him. She finds herself covered with Raghu’s shirt and smiles. She searches for him.

Mai paces around worried if they are together and wonders all the worse situations. Dhanak comes there and says about them spending the night together. She wonders what if they moved on last night. Raghu also comes there and Mai gets worried more. Her doubts get deepened. Dhanak’s daadi invites them for Preeti Haldi and they both leaves to get ready and Mai stands worried.

Mai gets ready complaining Baba. She expresses about her doubt to him. She says about all the things she did to keep them separate. Baba says that after all the things they did he doubt them becoming one however Mai stands worried as she could clearly see the blush on Dhanak’s face. She says that she’s going to Preeti’s Mehandi to spy on Dhanak and find about what happened last night and leaves.

Dhanak performs Preeti’s haldi and gets emotional. She wishes her on behalf of their demised mother. She says that she’s not so big to bless her but still wishes her a happy married life. Mai follows her and Naina asks her if something happened and Dhanak blushes. Mai overhears it and gets worried. She blesses Naani instead of Preeti and everyone laughs seeing it. Naani mocks her for the same and Mai stands embarrassed. She says the same to Baba and Raghu arrives there. Dhanak dances around Raghu while Raghu stands guilty. Mai sees their eye locks and gets more and more doubtful.

Raghu calls Dhanak outside but her sisters tease him and take her away. They have an emotional moment. Raghu finally manages to meet her alone and is about to reveal the truth to her but Baba intervenes. He makes an excuse and sends Dhanak inside. He asks Raghu about what he’s about to say and Raghu says him about his guilt. Baba fears that if he reveals the truth both him and Tiwari will get caught as Dhanak for sure will investigate the case. He decides to stop him. He says Raghu about the after consequences if he reveals the truth to her and stops him from revealing.

Mai meets Naina secretly and indirectly asks her if Dhanak and Raghu have planned for her grandchild. Naina says that soon she’ll hear good news and leaves while Mai stands furious.

Precap: Raghu reveals to Dhanak that he’s the reason behind her suspension and all the mess and Dhanak stands shocked.