Gathbandhan 14th August 2019 Written Update:- Raghu meets his father much to the shock of Mai

The episode starts with Bharat teaching kids while one boy rushes to him panting. He says that few goons have kidnapped children in the nearby godown and is planning to sell them off.

Dhanak reaches there and enquires about Bharat. In the meantime, Bharat reaches the godown and sneaks in without anyone’s notice while Dhanak also reaches there. She couldn’t find anyone and enters the godown.

Madhan brings Raghu to an old building and lures him with business. Bharat sees the children tied up and asks the kid to inform to police while he’ll take care of everything here.

Raghu who’s present outside the building hears the children’s scream and enters inside. Goons bargain on call over child trafficking and Dhanak and Bharat hears it and gets shocked. The kid sent by Bharat meets Raghu outside.

Bharat gets caught by the goons while Dhanak reaches with the gun and threatens them. The kid informs Raghu everything and Raghu leaves to help the kids. Dhanak asks Bharat to take the children safely out while she keeps them on gunpoint.

The goons tackle her and fight against her. They capture Dhanak and Bharat with kids. Raghu who reaches there at the exact same time sees Dhanak on gunpoint and gets shocked.

Raghu tackles the situation by breaking lamps and both Raghu and Dhanak fights the goon in the dark and succeeds too.

The police arrive and praise Dhanak and thanks Raghu and both Raghu and Dhanak share a moment. Dhanak sends off Raghu and meets Bharat. Bharat thanks Dhanak and Raghu while Dhanak asks him to not to thank her own son and daughter in law. Raghu gets emotional while Dhanak consoles him. She asks him to meet Raghu once and stop running away from him.

Raghu impatiently waits for Dhanak to give his first salary from real estate business to his mom and Dhanak. Mai smirks seeing her plan succeeding while Raghu explains her about his dream.

Mai gets emotional and hugs Raghu. They both share an emotional moment.

Mai sees Dhanak on the door and indirectly taunts her for always coming between her and her son. But to her extreme shock, she finds Bharat standing beside her.

Mai loses her hold seeing her husband while Raghu is equally shocked. Raghu gets emotional seeing his father and shouts that he’s alive again and again. He gets emotional and hugs him in extreme happiness.

Raghu cries holding him and asks where he was all the while. He shows him the picture of his with garland and asks him why did he go without any information. Raghu and Bharat cry in each other’s arms and have an emotional breakdown. Mai asks Raghu to leave him much to the shock of Raghu.

Precap: Mai says Dhanak that she’ll not allow that betrayer anywhere near her son. Dhanak says that she doesn’t want to separate her from her son but she will also won’t let father and son to get separated.


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