Gathbandhan 16th August 2019 Written Update:- Bharat Jadhav’s deadly plan against Dhanak and Raghu protects Dhanak

The episode starts with Mai saying how she met him a month back. She says how he pretends to be a simple school teacher but does illegal activities unknown to people. She also says that he’s faking his simple school teacher image only to escape from police. She explains about their deal about him helping her to drive away Dhanak and in return, she’ll help him escape from police. They both reminisce them fooling Dhanak with their plans. They both decide to finish Dhanak chapter soon and Bharat leaves the place.

Later Mai reveals that she will finish his chapter too once she gets rid of Dhanak.

In the morning Raghu sees his father doing something hiding. Raghu gets reminded of his mother’s words about him being a bad person. He enquires him of the same and finds Bal Gopal statue in his pouch. He says that he will perform pooja every year on his memory. He says that he understands his fear as he believes his mother while Raghu apologizes him.

He leaves while Bharat smirks for his plan getting successful. Dhanak discusses with Raghu about his father. She says that she can understand his situation. She says he’s in dilemma to choose between his mother and father. She asks him to trust his father and give their relationship a chance.

Raghu asks permission from Mai to perform Janmashtami pooja in their house. Mai at first taunts him but later agrees. She says that he stood by her side yesterday and now it’s her turn and agrees to conduct pooja.
Mai and Bharat discuss their next plan in the same place as yesterday.

Bharat says that Dhanak is assigned for his drug case and he needs to remove her out of his way before she finds about him. He says he’ll end her chapter in Janmashtami pooja.

Raghu and Dhanak share a romantic moment. Raghu brings flowers for her and Dhanak asks him to place it by himself on her hair.

When he’s about to keep she runs away. She asks him to catch her and place it on her hair. Raghu runs after her while Dhanak escapes from him.

Raghu finds Dhanak getting commissioner call and says to her but she doesn’t believe him. She thinks he’s fooling her and runs away.

Raghu himself attends the call and before he could answer commissioner thinking it to be Dhanak informs about the danger around her. He says he got secret information about the drug dealers targeting her. Raghu gets a shocked hearing this.

Dhanak finds Raghu lost and asks him the reason for it but Raghu hides it from her as he doesn’t want her to be worried. He asks her to be with him till the pooja ends and Dhanak gets romantic.

Dhanak performs aarti with Raghu to Kanha. Raghu prays Kanha to save his life, his Dhanak from all sorts of danger. Bharat looks evilly at Dhanak and plans something.

Precap: Dhanak’s sisters challenges Mai that Dhanak will break the pot tomorrow but Raghu gets worried for Dhanak and opposes it. Dhanak asks if he doesn’t trust her and Raghu says he does. Dhanak says that then tomorrow lady Govinda that’s she who’s gonna break the pot. Bharat and Mai smirk evilly.