Gathbandhan 19th August 2019 Written Update:- Raghu’s father plans a deadly attack on Dhanak

The episode starts with everyone gathered in the hall area for performing the veneration. After doing the puja, Mai gives prasad to everyone except Bharat but Raghu gives him instead. Mai and Bharat smirk at each other evilly. Everyone discuss the person who will break the pot.

Dhanak’s sisters say Dhanak will break the pot. Raghu gets reminded of commissioner’s words and opposes but Dhanak asks if he doesn’t trust her. Raghu says he does and Dhanak assures that she’ll win for sure. Bharat feels relaxed and says that everything is going according to their plan.

Aslan comes there and flirts with Dhanak’s sister. Mai and Bharat plan to put something inside the pot that can cause harm to Dhanak. Raghu and Dhanak collide with each other and shares a romantic moment. He asks her about how she gonna break the pot wearing lehenga. Dhanak reveals his pant which she’s wearing under the lehenga and mocks him and runs away. Raghu gets remembered of Dhanak’s life threat and gets worried for her.

Bharat tactfully gets the pot from Aslan and sends him off to take coconut. On the other hand, Raghu chases Dhanak and plays with her. Bharat and Mai put scorpion inside the pot and takes it away. Bharat leaves and Mai meets Raghu and Dhanak. Bharat gives the pot with a scorpion to Aslan and he leaves to tie it on the rope while Bharat looks evilly.

Aslan gives the pot to Raghu and leaves for some work. Dhanak hides and hits him with flower using cate pull. Raghu ignores at first but then catches her the next time. Raghu then keeps the pot aside and starts dancing with Dhanak. They both start dancing for the song Radhe Radhe. Mai and Bharat are waiting impatiently to see their plan is in action.

In the meantime, Raghu notices the pot moving and gets doubtful. He checks into it and finds the scorpion inside. He realizes that it’s the criminal’s plan and takes it away. He gets suspicious seeing few gunday like people and doubts them.

Raghu asks about them who says that they are from the nearby area. Mai asks if they are his goons and he nods yes. Raghu asks them to come with him but Dhanak calls him at the exact same time. He keeps the pot aside and romances with her. In the meantime, Raghu’s father takes it again and leaves.

Bharat brings the pot and ties it on the rope before Raghu could reach to it. In the meantime, Dhanak also comes there changing into shirt and sweatpants. She is watching the hanging pot and gets determined to accomplish the task. The pot gets tied on a rope and it’s lifted up to the top. Dhanak steps forward to break the pot and start to climb up. Raghu gets tensed and start to think ways to stop Dhanak from doing the stunt.

Precap: Raghu in fear calls out Dhanak to not break the pot. Dhanak anyway breaks it and Mai and Bharat execute their plan successfully.