Gathbandhan 1st August 2019 Written Update:- RAGHU AND DHANAK’S GATBANDHAN

The episode starts with Mai aiming the gun at Dhanak when all of a sudden Dhanak’s father calls her. Mai’s legs slips and She falls down on mud and Dhanak sees her. Dhanak understands her plan and taunts her while Mai finds it difficult to speak.

Raghu waits impatiently for Dhanak on mandap when Pandit asks for the bride. Raghu says that she’ll arrive and enquires his friends about Mai, Maya, and Dhanak.

Dhanak admits Mai in hospital and the doctor informs her about Mai’s temporary dumbness due to shock. Dhanak creates drama and finally admits her in the hospital making use of her loss of voice.

Dhanak’s sister and father follow Maya and Mai’s sidekick who are running away to reach mandap. Dhanak reaches mandap and meets Raghu who asks her about how she can act all normal. Dhanak says that he wants the same and she’s giving what he wanted. She asks him to at least now think straight and break the promise which will spoil three lives but Raghu stands adamant.

Dhanak’s father and sister fake complaints about Maya and Mai to the police to catch them. Mai’s sidekick gets an idea and both pretend to be beggars to escape from the police and Dhanak’s father. Maya gets furious because of her condition and avenges to take revenge from Dhanak.

Dhanak dressed as bride reaches mandap and sits beside Raghu while Raghu believing it to be Maya stands helpless. Pandit starts the marriage preparations but Raghu asks for Mai. His friends somehow convince him and Raghu prays God to stop the marriage. The bride and groom exchanges garland. Dhanak’s sister does their Gatbandhan while out of nowhere Mai appears and interrupts the marriage. Raghu questions Mai for her behavior while Mai explains to him that it’s not Maya but Dhanak. Dhanak lifts her gunghat and Raghu gets happy seeing her but hides it immediately seeing his mother. Mai starts dragging Dhanak from mandap when Dhanak’s father keeps Mai on gunpoint. Maya drags Dhanak and is about to push her but Raghu catches her on time. Aslam keeps Maya on gunpoint revealing that he’s also involved in the plan. Mai hits the gun and Dhanak locks Raghu in handcuff and is about to escape in scooty but Mai manages to point gun on Dhanak. Everyone gets shocked but Raghu comes in between. Mai fails to stop Raghu and Dhanak and they escape in the scooter . They both reach far from mandap and gets down the scooter. Raghu who’s still in a daze about whatever happened gets happy to get back Dhanak. Mai tries to shoot Dhanak’s father but finds the gun to be empty of bullets. She hits him hard and leaves to catch Raghu and Dhanak.

Dhanak confesses that she got really afraid that she’ll miss him. Raghu and Dhanak share a beautiful romantic moment confessing their love for each other and hugs. Raghu gets reminded of the divorce papers.
The evil trio searches for Raghu and Dhanak’s divorce papers and Mai gets shocked seeing them unsigned. Dhanak informs Raghu of the same and says that it’s all her plan. Raghu though feels happy still Couldn’t double-cross his mother. Mai believes firm that Raghu will never take any decision without her blessings. Raghu says that he really wants his mom’s blessings while Dhanak says that even she needs them. Raghu gets the happy hearing it but Dhanak says that before that she needs to speak with Mai.

Precap: Dhanak and Mai having a conversation in the room while Raghu stands outside tensed. He hears noises and breaks open the door and gets shocked.