Gathbandhan 20th August 2019 Written Update:- Raghu turns Dhanak savior and Mai and Bharat trapped

The episode starts with everyone cheering and singing for Dhanak for breaking the pot. Raghu tries stopping Dhanak but she turns deaf ears to his words. Dhanak leaves to participate in the event while Mai and Bharat watch it curiously.

Dhanak climbs the man Tower while Raghu stands tensed. Everyone cheers for Dhanak and in their cheering Dhanak couldn’t hear his scream. Bharat says Mai to not get tensed and she’ll die for sure. Raghu gets worried and prays for Dhanak to not reach the pot. Raghu gets shocked when Dhanak reaches the pot. Raghu shouts Dhanak about the scorpion. The goons get ready to throw water on the other players and Bharat says his plan to Mai.

Raghu gets determined to save Dhanak at all cost. He says something to Dhanak’s sister and his friends and goes to pray to God. He says to God to save Dhanak and if she something happens to her today then it’s his loss. He also adds that even if you don’t help her he’ll protect his Dhanak. Dhanak reaches the pot and struggles to break it when Raghu too starts climbing the man tower.

Dhanak after breaking the pot is about to fall down but Raghu catches her on time. They both balances with the help of the rope. Raghu couldn’t find the scorpion in the pot and wonders where it disappeared. The goons start throwing oil mixed water on the players and all skids and the man tower falls down. Raghu and Dhanak still manage with the rope but the rope starts falling too and everyone gets shocked. But they get saved by Dhanak’s sisters and Azaan friends. Mai sighs in relief to see Raghu all safe. Bharat says that Dhanak has lots of good luck that saved her this time while Mai scolds him for his failed plan. Raghu and Dhanak share an eye lock.

Azaan’s friends ask him how did he get to know about the upcoming danger. Raghu doesn’t want them to get worried so he reasons out to be his gut feeling. Everyone praises him for his unconditional love on Dhanak. Dhanak also hears them and feels blessed to have Raghu as her spouse. Mai and Bharat hear their conversation and gets worried if Raghu got to know about their plan.

Mai and Bharat wonder about the scorpion which went missing in the dahi handi. They see another pot and wonders if it is inside the pot. All of a sudden Raghu asks Mai to feed him butter from the same pot. Mai panics and asks Dhanak to feed him but Raghu stands adamant to have it from her hands. Mai gets worried and asks Bharat to feed him as they both met after a long time. Both Mai and Bharat start pointing each other but Dhanak intervenes and asks both to feed Raghu with their hands at the same time much to the shock of both.

Both panic and continues with their nok jhok. They both give reasons for the other person to feed with their hands and the argument continues. Dhanak scolds Raghu for creating a fight between both. Finally, Bharat says that he’ll feed with his hands.
He indirectly signals a plan to Mai. They both find the scorpion inside the pot and gets shocked. Both Mai and Bharat argues over the person who feeds Raghu and breaks the pot and the scorpion comes out. Raghu and Dhanak gets shocked seeing the scorpion.

Precap: Bharat gets admitted in hospital and someone watches them sneaking. Raghu notices him and follows him but he escapes.