Gathbandhan 21st August 2019 Written Update:- Scorpion bites Raghu’s father and Mystery man at the back of Dhanak.

The episode starts with everyone panicking seeing the scorpion. Everyone starts attacking it with various types of equipment. They get shocked to see the scorpion on Bharat. Raghu slowly approaches it but before he could reach him the scorpion bites Bharat and Bharat faints. Everyone calls for an ambulance while Mai gets irked with their failed plan.

The doctor gives instructions to Raghu and Dhanak when a mystery man watches Dhanak hiding. Mai fake cries and shows fake concern on Raghu. She says that even though she hates Bharat she very well knows Raghu loves him and doesn’t want his happiness to be snatched away. She says that she loves him the most and Raghu once again falls for her drama.

Dhanak gets a call and goes out while Raghu panics seeing her missing. He goes in search of her while the mystery man is still at the back of Dhanak. Raghu notices the mystery man watching Dhanak and follows him but couldn’t find him. Dhanak scolds him for leaving Mai and Bharat alone and following her. Raghu questions about her promise and Dhanak says that it’s her job. Raghu gets worried about her life but Dhanak fools him and leaves without his notice once again.

Raghu goes in search of her and hears the mystery man asking for Dhanak to the doctor and gets shocked. He starts chasing him but misses him. Raghu sees Dhanak and takes her with him.

The mystery man enters Bharat ward and meets Mai. Mai scolds him for delaying in doing his work when the mystery man reveals about Raghu following him. She asks him the anti dose for the scorpion bite and he gives her. Mai gives him the antidote as she wants him alive till her plans get succeed.

Raghu informs Dhanak about a mystery man following her and explains everything to her. Dhanak gets overwhelmed with Raghu’s love on her and feels blessed. She says that no one in this world can love her the way he loves her and his love is her biggest strength. They both fall in en eye lock. She hugs him and gets emotional. Bharat wakes up and informs his next plan to the mystery man. He asks the mystery man to come disguising as an investor the next day to his place.

Bharat explains the mystery man about the ways to fool Raghu. When Mai questions him for his plan Bharat reveals that he’s doing all this to separate Raghu and Dhanak. He says that when Raghu will be busy in business Dhanak will feel alone and soon differences arrive between them leading them to get separated. Mai praises Bharat for his plan.

Dhanak informs Raghu about her secret case regarding kidnapping racket and her keeping the file containing details in the house. Raghu scolds her for keeping such important file in-home and urges her to leave home to shift it to police locker and Dhanak agrees.

Precap: mystery man introduces himself to Raghu and acts as per their plan. Raghu says that he’ll discuss with his wife before signing the papers.