Gathbandhan 22nd August 2019 Written Update:- Mai and Baba succeeds in fooling Raghu

The episode starts with the mystery man hiding with Raghu and Dhanak arrival. They enquire about Bharat health and Mai says that he’s fine. Raghu gets emotional seeing Bharat while the mystery man sneaks away in the meantime.

Next morning Dhanak prays to god for keeping Raghu happy. Raghu bids bye to Raghu to leave for her duty while Raghu asks her about the file. Dhanak makes excuses while Raghu scolds her for still keeping it. Finally, she convinces him and leaves for her work. Bharat’s man enters disguising as an entrepreneur and introduces himself as Sampath Tiwari. He says that he’s here to talk about a deal with him for opening a restaurant in the area.

When Raghu doubts him he praises him and Raghu believes it while Mai and Bharat look curious. He gives him the deal papers and asks him to sign it but Raghu says that he needs time. Mai intervenes and forces him to accept the deal. Bharat snatches the papers from him and checks it and urges him to sign it too. Both Mai and Bharat brainwashes him to sign the papers while Raghu gets confused. Raghu says that he’ll not sign it before discussing with Dhanak disappointing both Man and Bharat.

Dhanak searches for everyone at home while Raghu pulls her and starts romancing with her. She asks about Mai and Baba and Raghu says that they went for the temple. Raghu tells that he has a surprise for her and informs about the deal. In the flashback, it revealed that both Mai and Baba finally convinces Raghu with their drama and makes him sign the deal. Dhanak gets worried but Raghu assures her that Baba read it and it’s all fine. Mai and Bharat hear their conversation and feels relieved but Saku catches them together. She gets doubtful and starts following them.

Raghu asks Dhanak if she’s happy while Dhanak says that she’s very happy for him. Raghu gives flowers to her while Dhanak pretends to have allergy for pollens. They both share a cute romantic moment.

Mai and Baba get into argument over the deal and Mai forces him to reveal the full details about his plan. Both Mai and Baba gets shocked seeing Saku there.

Saku asks them about their plan and steps forward to help them but Mai sends her away. Baba asks why did he send her away for which Mai says that in evil plans she’ll never trust anyone and asks him to continue.

Saku gets sad that Mai threw her out while Mai is aware of her hiding and waits till she leaves. Bharat praises Mai for her sharp mind and explains about his plan. Baba says that his plan is that he will keep Raghu away from Dhanak and Dhanak away from her uniform.

Precap: Baba says that he’s assigned the job of saving Kalyan Bhai who’s a very big terrorist on his way from Mumbai to Pune. After he succeeds in saving him from the police then Dhanak will automatically go to jail.