Gathbandhan 23rd August 2019 Written Update:- Baba’s next evil move to shatter Dhanak completely.

The episode starts with Raghu and Dhanak romance. Dhanak says about an important duty assigned to her in the form of Kalyan Kathri. She says that he’s the biggest terrorist involved in Mumbai terrorist activities. In the meantime, Baba also explains about the same Kalyan Bhai. Mai gets angered at him as Raghu will also get caught as the hotel for which Raghu signed the papers will be involved in the terrorist activities.

Dhanak says that she’s assigned the job of shifting him from Mumbai to Pune. Baba says that he’ll escape Kalyan Bhai from police on his way from Mumbai to Pune. He says if it gets succeed then Dhanak will lose her job as well as Raghu. Mai scolds him that Raghu is also involved in the deal about the shop and strangles him.

Baba reveals that the cafe shop is registered on Dhanak name and only she’ll get arrested for terrorist activities. Raghu worries for Dhanak while Dhanak assures him that she’ll be fine. She says that it’s a big opportunity and she can’t let it go.

Baba says that Dhanak will be dismissed for the escape of Kalyan Bhai and will be arrested for terrorist activities. In this way, she will be away from their lives as well as Raghu. He asks Mai to send the money to his men as he’s injured and they will see the rest of the plan.

Mai warns him to not double-cross her in the plan. He assures her Raghu will be safe and Dhanak will only get punished. He asks her to somehow get the plan of Dhanak so that they could easily rescue Kalyan Bhai.

Dhanak shows Raghu her plan details while Raghu gets worried about her. He asks her to keep the file safe.
Baba comes out and calls his men. He says about Mai meeting them and it seems that he has more evil plans than he mentioned Mai. He double-crosses Mai and smirks evilly.

Raghu wakes up at night to work on the cafe plan. Dhanak too joins him and offers to help him. Raghu denies at first but then agrees to her wish. Both discuss interiors, furnishing and the name for the cafe.

Raghu and Dhanak discuss the food items that will be present in the cafe. They both leaves to have a night walk. Both sneak out. Baba’s man introduces Mai to the main culprit and they take the money away. They drop it by mistake and Mai hears the metal sound. She shouts at them to open the box as she gets doubtful.

Both Raghu and Dhanak chitchat having night snacks and walks to the cafe. Dhanak enjoys the cool breeze and they get romantic. Mai sees guns inside and gets shocked. She gets angry and starts beating them.

Precap: Mai scolds them and points the gun at them. She says she’ll not let her son fall prey in her plan and threatens them. She hears Raghu and Dhanak voice and gets shocked.