Gathbandhan 26th August 2019 Written Update:- Mai’s hide and seek with Raghu and Dhanak and Dhanak gets hit

The episode starts with Mai looking at the guns while Baba’s men look caught. Mai strangles them in fury for double-crossing her. Raghu and Dhanak are seen walking with their midnight snack. Baba’s men try convincing Mai but Mai does not believe them. They still try convincing her.

Baba wakes up to find both Raghu and Dhanak missing and sees the plan for the cafe. He puts the pieces together to realize that they left to the cafe to check out for interior works and panics. Mai hears Raghu and Dhanak voice and gets shocked while Raghu and Dhanak see something and gets shocked too. Mai’s sidekick finds Baba tensed and asks him the reason for it. He says her the reason while she gets panic and starts acting insane. Baba gets irritated of her talks and reacts angrily while Saku keeps quite seeing his anger.

Raghu and Dhanak are seen checking out the cafe while Mai is hiding behind the table without their notice. Baba’s men are also tensed about Mai and them getting caught. Raghu and Dhanak discuss the interiors and starts romancing while Mai gets irked. Baba’s men discuss on ways of escaping by diverting Raghu and Dhanak.

Dhanak keeps ranting about ice cream and all the stuff while Raghu starts romancing. Mai throws a stone at a place where Baba’s men are hiding to disturb their romance. Raghu goes to check on it while Dhanak asks him to take care. Raghu searches for the source of sound while both of them escapes without his notice. Dhanak gets worried to find Raghu not back yet and goes to check on him. Mai makes use of the chance and escapes the moment Dhanak leaves the place. After coming out Mai realizes leaving the money and gun box inside and gets worried. Both Raghu and Dhanak didn’t find anyone and decides to leave. Saku surrenders in front of Baba.

Raghu finds his sandals misplaced and gets doubtful. He goes in to check while Mai sneaks in to take the box. She drops the design papers in a hurry and hides seeing Dhanak. Dhanak too finds the papers misplaced and gets assured that there’s someone hiding. She moves towards Mai’s hiding place with a weapon but before she could reach him Mai cuts the power. Both Raghu and Dhanak get panic in dark and Raghu sees the men and starts running after them. Dhanak calls for Raghu and searches him with the torchlight from mobile. Baba’s men hides before Raghu could catch them while Dhanak approaches Mai’s hiding place once again.

Before Dhanak could reach Mai, Baba hits on her hears from behind and Mai gets shocked. He cuts her mangalsutra and hides before she could see him. Dhanak shouts for Raghu and Raghu gears her scream. Dhanak holding her head falls unconscious while cement starts pouring on her from cement bag.

Precap: Raghu searches crazily for Dhanak while Dhanak being unnoticed by workers gets caught inside a wall. Raghu sees her mangalsutra on the ground.