Gathbandhan 27th August 2019 Written Update:- Dhanak gets buried in the wall and Raghu searches for her

The episode starts with cement covering an unconscious Dhanak while both Mai and Baba sneaks out. Raghu desperately searches for Dhanak but couldn’t find her. He sees her mobile flash and calls out for her. Dhanak hears him but is very weak to respond. Raghu blames himself for the situation. Dhanak tries getting up but she couldn’t. Raghu runs away to search her out while Dhanak gets completely covered with cement.

Mai and Baba reach home and Mai bears him with the broomstick. She asks about his connection with terrorists but Baba handles her. Mai calls Raghu and Raghu informs her about her missing. Raghu takes Asgar and his friends with him. Mai worries about Dhanak finding of their truth. Raghu informs his friends and Dhanak’s sisters and he sends them to search for her. Baba asks him to call the police to find if she’s there. They get relieved when they find that Dhanak is not there. They wonder where did she go.

Next morning the workers arrive at the place where Dhanak was covered in mud. They decide to finish the work soon. They start building wall unaware of her presence inside it. Raghu comes there worried and starts searching Dhanak. He shouts for her while the workers continued building the wall. Raghu enquires about Dhanak but the workers are clueless about her. He then finds her mangalsutra on the ground and looks painfully at it. Banjar hai plays. Raghu shows them the mangalsutra and asks about it but they remained clueless. Raghu falls down crying.

Mai calls Raghu’s friend and enquires about Dhanak. He then sees Baba unlocking the cupboard and stops him but he turns deaf ears to her. He finally opens the cupboard to find a suitcase. He tries opening it but finds that Dhanak’s fingerprint is needed to unlock it. Mai asks him to get back else they may get caught. She says there are chances that Dhanak might have informed about the suitcase to Raghu. Baba agrees and keeps it back.

The workers ask Raghu the reason for his crying. He reveals them about his wife missing. Dhanak hears him. Raghu calls commissioner and informs him about Dhanak missing. Dhanak with difficulty raises her hand while Raghu is busy on the call. Commissioner says that he’ll try all the ways to track Dhanak and asks him to not worry. Raghu says that he can’t live without his Dhanak and asks him to find her as soon as possible.
Dhanak tries getting up but the workers completely build the wall suffocating her. Raghu cries holding his head outside. Dhanak finally gets up but it’s already too late. She tries hitting the wall but it’s of no use.

Precap: Raghu goes to the temple and prays for Dhanak. He finds a woman worshipping her mangalsutra. He gets reminded of finding the mangalsutra near the newly built wall. He starts breaking the wall while Dhanak gets suffocated without oxygen. Dhanak unable to breathe falls unconscious.