Gathbandhan 29th August 2019 Written Update:- Mai and Baba execute their plan and Dhanak meets Tiwari

The episode starts with Mai interrupting Raghu and Dhanak romance. Mai reminds him about cafe works and assures Raghu to take care of Dhanak. Mai asks Dhanak to help her in making Pooris and Dhanak agrees. She sends off Raghu.

Mai and Dhanak work in the kitchen. Mai cooks a story about making poori for crow as a memory of their late elders. She says it should be done with only hands and explains Dhanak. She also signals Baba and he praises Mai’s cleverness. He steals the briefcase from the cupboard while Mai gets Dhanak’s fingerprint on the flour. Dhanak hears some sound and turns back but Mai diverts get attention. She gets Dhanak busy in the kitchen and tries to pass the flour with fingerprint to Baba but fails. She once again tries but this time Saku intervenes. They both bicker and Saku offers to help Dhanak. She asks her to rest and that’s when she notices the flour with fingerprint aside. She puts it in the oil before Mai could stop her. Mai gets furious and scolds Saku.

Mai asks Baba to keep back the briefcase and she’ll manage Dhanak till then. She says that they will plan something later. Dhanak wants to surprise Raghu with the food and leaves. Mai gets irked.

Raghu scolds Dhanak for roaming out without recovering fully. Dhanak feeds Raghu and they get romantic. Baba’s men arrive there and Raghu introduces them to Dhanak. They ask her about her wound but Dhanak brushes it off. Dhanak offers them to have food with them and they agree. Dhanak has a conversation with them and gets doubtful on them. She then enquires about their whereabouts and once again they stammer increasing her doubt. They take their leave before they get caught while Dhanak stands confused. Raghu questions Dhanak for her behavior.

Baba’s men fight with each other for uttering nonsense and being careless. Dhanak says that there’s something wrong with them and recalls all the moments from Janmashtami to till now. They call Baba and both Mai and Baba get tensed. Raghu says that if she’s doubtful then he trusts her and will enquire properly about them. Both Raghu and Dhanak enter the home while Mai and Baba stop their talks.

Dhanak informs Mai about inviting guests for pooja the next day and Mai agrees. Dhanak says that it’s Raghu’s investors and Mai gets shocked. Raghu calls the fake investors and invites them with their family for pooja the next day. He says that he would like to take it as an opportunity to thank them. Both fake investors, as well as Mai and Baba, gets shocked.

Precap: the fake investors agree and Mai hears about Dhanak’s suspicion on the investors. They bring fake wife and child and Baba scolds them. They try sending them off but Raghu spots them.