Gathbandhan 2nd August 2019 Written Update:- Dhanak and Mai confrontation

The episode starts with Dhanak entering Mai’s room and locks it while Raghu stands outside. Time passes when some breaking sound is heard. Raghu gets tensed and knocks the door. Everyone arrives there and breaks open the door. They find Dhanak on her knees begging in front of Mai. Mai finally accepts Dhanak and hugs her while everyone gets happy and relieved. Raghu hugs Mai happily who says that his happiness means everything to her. Raghu and Dhanak tie the knot with Mai’s blessing while Maya stands shocked. Maya questions Mai about her actions while Mai shuts her saying that it’s not a time for discussion. Later Mai reveals to Maya and Mai’s sidekick about what happened inside the room.

In the flashback, Dhanak asks permission from Mai to marry Raghu while Mai gets angry and throws away the plate. Dhanak reveals to Mai that she understood all her planning. She says about all her wrongdoings and cries but Mai remains stubborn. She blackmails her with Mai’s drug case and threatens to arrest her. She adds about the after consequences when Raghu gets to know about all this. Mai gets fearing Raghu’s reaction finally gets convinced and the flashback ends.  She decides to get her revenge from Dhanak later.

Aslan and Raghu shops in the market where Raghu buys many kinds of stuff for Dhanak. Dhanak prepares milk for Raghu and her suhagraat while Maya looks at her furious with the knife. Mai’s sidekick provokes her more infuriating her further. She leaves to stab Dhanak and in the meantime, Mai’s sidekick reveals happily about Maya to Mai and she gets shocked. Maya is about to stab Dhanak while Mai stops her in midair. Raghu sees this but Maya gets out of control. Mai slaps her and tries to put some sense into her. She says that Raghu was never hers to steal and asks her to accepts the truth. Raghu also tries convincing her but in vain. In fury, Maya reveals about her murder attempt on Dhanak using the dish. Raghu gets shocked with the revelation and warns her to leave the place before he loses his control. He adds that she’s fit to be called neither a friend nor a lover. Maya gets extreme hyper and reveals Mai being with her in all her plans. Raghu is shaking to the core but Dhanak stands for Mai. She says that whatever Maya said is true but Mai never tried to kill her like Maya. Raghu finds it difficult to handle the situation and leaves the place. Dhanak whispers to Mai that she saved her life so she saved hers too.

In another flashback, it revealed that in a deal between Dhanak and Mai where Dhanak promises to protect Mai until she protects and supports her. She threatens to reveal her doings the moment she tries harming her. Flashback ends.

Mai’s sidekick cries for their failure and gets upset that they can’t do anything to Dhanak anymore. Mai smirks evilly and reveals that this temporary failure is needed for her to succeed in the future.

Dhanak decorates the bed for her suhagraat while Raghu comes and hugs her from the back. Raghu apologizes for spoiling their night with unwanted drama and Dhanak asks him to let it go. Raghu gifts Dhanak nightwear who at first denies but then agrees to his wish. Dhanak leaves to change while Raghu lies on the bed.

Dhanak appears wearing the nightwear only to find Raghu asleep. She tries waking him up but in vain. She’s about to leave upset while Raghu holds her wrist and pulls her towards him.

Precap: Mai plans for her next move. She gets ready with mangal sutra and sindoor while Dhanak looks at her shocked