The episode starts with Dhanak is playing dhol and dancing happily. Everyone looks at her wondered while Dhanak announces that she’s here to celebrate Raghu and Maya marriage. Dhanak says that she’s the first wife in this world to prepare for her own husband’s second wedding. She declares that she’s doing all this only for Raghu and his happiness. She asks Mai to let her do all the preparations for their marriage and Mai reluctantly agress. Her father asks her what she’s doing but Dhanak asks him to not to interfere. Her father scolds her for her drama and questions Raghu for the same but Dhanak convinces him.

The evil trio rejoices their victory. Dhanak gives signed divorce papers to Raghu and Raghu gets shocked. Maya enjoys to the core as everything happens according to her wish. Dhanak says that she wants to be a part of all the rituals and Raghu asks her why is she punishing him.

Dhanak says that she’s only giving him what he asked for from her. Dhanak’s family also supports her and Raghu gets shocked. Dhanak says that she made them understand the situation and Mai doubts on Dhanak. Dhanak leaves with her family for the preparations of marriage.

Raghu sees Dhanak on a stool hanging flowers for decorations. His friend also enjoys the preparations and Raghu gets irked. His friend indirectly mocks him for pushing Dhanak to this extent. He says that he still couldn’t believe whatever happened. His another friend excitedly helps Dhanak and Raghu gets angry at him seeing his excitement . Dhanak sees a rat in Raghu’s wedding shoes and falls down in fear but Raghu catches her on time. They share an intense romantic eyelock. His friends admire their pair while Maya gets irritated but Mai controls her.

Mai calls out for Raghu and asks him to get ready for mehendi function. Dhanak says that she’s here to take care of everything. Dhanak gets kheer to everyone with some ulterior motive. Raghu’s friend mocks his fate but Raghu asks him to go away. Dhanak gives kheer to Mai and she enjoys it. Dhanak gives kheer to Maya and she eats it happily. Maya further provokes her by asking her to write Raghu’s name in her mehendi.

Dhanak is about to write but Maya’s stomach gets upset probably because of kheer and leaves. Dhanak smirks and is enjoying the situation. Maya keeps on using washroom with diarrhoea effect. Mai overhears Dhanak’s conversation with her sister and finds out about their plan.

Mai questions them for the same but Dhanak acts innocence. Dhanak somehow convinces her with some random excuses of decoration. Mai somehow gets convinced and leaves while Dhanak sighs in relief. In the meantime, Maya shouts in stomach ache and blames Dhanak for it. She says that she’s sure that Dhanak gonna spoil her haldi too but Mai says that she’s here to take care of it. She says that she’ll make sure that Dhanak doesn’t spoil the haldi.

Precap : Dhanak locks Maya in a room revealing her true intentions of keeping her away from Raghu and the marriage.