Gathbandhan 31st July 2019 Written Update:- Dhanak locks Maya and Mai plans Dhanak’s murder

The episode starts with Mai asking Raghu that if he still loves Dhanak and he accepts too. Mai reminds him of his promise and asks him to never break it. Dhanak says that she’s here to protect his promise and will make sure the marriage takes place. Mai leaves and Dhanak and Raghu share a romantic moment. Raghu gets shocked when Dhanak even understands his mind language. He asks why is she doing all this when she very knowledgeable about what’s in his mind. Dhanak says that everything will be alright and asks him to come.


Mai praises Raghu for being handsome and the Haldi function takes place. Dhanak gets reminded of their Haldi and gets emotional. Dhanak steps forward to apply Haldi after Mai. They share a painful eye lock and Raghu finds it difficult to control his emotions. Raghu gets up but Mai asks him to wait for Maya. She praises Maya for her beauty while everyone looks disinterested. Dhanak keeps an eye on Mai and intentionally hits her such that Raghu’s haldi bowl falls down and gets applied on her. Mai and Maya get furious but Mai controls scolding Dhanak. Mai indirectly taunts Dhanak but Dhanak stands unaffected.


Raghu’s friend tries helping him in getting ready but he scares him away with a cricket bat. He hears another knock and thinks it to be his friend again but gets shocked seeing Dhanak in Marathi avatar. Dhanak asks him to get ready as Maya is all ready. Raghu dreams of confessing his love for Dhanak. Dhanak asks him to make it fast and leaves to check on Maya.


Maya complains about not getting decked up properly. Dhanak and her sisters brainwash her to accompany them with the parlor. Dhanak lures her and Maya finally falls in their trap and agrees to visit the parlor.
Dhanak takes her to some isolated parlor and reveals her about her true intentions. She says that she already knew all her doings from dish falling on her to kabaddi match and also electric shock. The real beautician visits Mai and asks for the bride and Mai looks shocked. Dhanak locks Maya in the isolated parlor and promises Maya that she’ll get married to Raghu in some way or other. She throws some bomb inside the parlor and leaves.


Mai keeps scolding Maya while her sidekicks call her saying that Maya left with Dhanak somewhere. Mai believes that Dhanak has planned something for sure to stop the wedding. Dhanak gets a call from police informer who informs her about some immediate assignment regarding illegal activities. Dhanak hesitates at the start but then decides to leave for that place.


Dhanak informs her father of the same who asks her to reach on time while Mai’s sidekick rescues Maya. Raghu’s friend taunts him for his decision. Raghu gets remembered of his moments with Dhanak. He asks his friend about Dhanak who says to him that she is nowhere to be found. His friend keeps taunting him for still worrying about Dhanak when he’s all set for his marriage with Maya.


Dhanak reaches the place and finds no one. Mai watches her hiding and decides to kill her. Mai follows her with a gun and aims Dhanak


Precap: Raghu’s marriage takes place with a bride who faces is covered with a veil