Gathbandhan 4th September 2019 Written Update:- Terrorists attack Dhanak and fixes bomb on everyone’s body

The episode starts with Dhanak and her team searching for terrorists but didn’t find any. Raghu calls Dhanak and asks if everything is fine and Dhanak says that all is in her control. In the meantime, terrorists set fire around Dhanak and her vehicle. Raghu hears it by the call. She finds terrorists attacking her team and calls for them but couldn’t reach them. Raghu shouts incall but Dhanak drops her mobile and takes her gun. She finds terrorists brutally beating her team and shouts for them. Dhanak gets helpless as she couldn’t point a gun at the terrorists due to fire. Raghu rushes to the place of hiring a taxi. Gun firing starts. Dhanak asks Matre to protect Kalyan Katri and asks him to take the vehicle. He hesitates first but later gives in. Before he could start the vehicle terrorists take him down. Dhanak finds it difficult to target the terrorists and then gets on the top of the car and shoots.

Raghu keeps praying for Dhanak safety on his way. Tiwari shoots Dhanak as she tries to escape from fire and she has a narrow escape from the bullet. She escapes the fire and starts hitting the terrorists. She gets surrounded by terrorists while few others tie watch bomb on team members. Tiwari throws petrol bomb bear Dhanak and gets away with Kalyan Katri’s vehicle.

Raghu sees the vehicle on the way and tries to stop but in vain. He reaches Dhanak and Dhanak explains him the situation. Raghu tries starting the vehicle and Dhanak informs about the situation to officials. Dhanak notices bomb on her men and both get shocked.

She says it’s about to blast and Raghu asks her not to panic. Both carefully remove the watch and in the meantime, Tiwari removes all the evidence of the attack. They throw away the watch only to find nothing. They both get surprised about no bomb blast and commissioner arrives the place. Commissioner questions Dhanak and Dhanak reveal about plan leakage even after being so careful. Commissioner alerts the traffic police and asks her to come with Raghu to the police station. He blames Dhanak for mission failure.

Mai and Baba dance happily for their victory. He asks Mai to keep the jewels back in its place for their next plan.

Raghu and Dhanak sit shattered in the station.Dhanak cries about plan leakage and wonders about how did it happen. She is broken and Raghu consoles her.

Dhanak’s sister thanks Mai for finding the jewels back. When asked about her finding the jewellery she cooks a fake story.
Mai asks everyone to prepare for Dhanak’s birthday but has other motives. She asks them to surprise her with cake and balloons to the police station and celebrate it there.

Precap: Commissioner blames Dhanak for revealing the plan to terrorists. Dhanak’s family arrives with cake and balloons to station for celebrating her birthday but Commissioner scolds them. He blames Dhanak to be a traitor while Mai enjoys her suffering.