Gathbandhan 5th September 2019 Written Update:- Dhanak gets blamed for being a traitor and Mai rejoices

The episode starts with Saku discussing Mai about cake for Dhanak’s birthday. Officers explain abou5 the way Kalyan Katri escape. Everyone arrives there singing the birthday song for Dhanak. Commissioner scolds them for celebrating the birthday of a traitor. Everyone gets shocked including Dhanak and Raghu.

Dhanak explains about her efforts for shifting Kalyan Katri. He asks about how the terrorists spared only them from tying the bomb watch. He keeps questioning her about all the things that went wrong. He blames her for informing about the plan to her husband. He asks her about the sudden change of plan without even informing the Home minister.

Mai knowingly intervenes and reveals about the leakage of plan. Commissioner gets furious learning the truth and slams her for hiding the truth. He suspects her for joining hands with terrorists. Dhanak tries explaining but commissioner shuts her showing all the evidence against her. Even her team gives statement against Dhanak and Mai and Baba gets the happy hearing it. He says that it’s all her plan and provides proof for the same. Commissioner announces her as Desh Drogi and suspends her from her duty. Dhanak collapses and Raghu lends his support. He asks her to surrender her things.

Dhanak starts removing her accessories while Raghu joins hands in front of a commissioner. He falls on his feet and says that Dhanak can never do such thing even in her dreams. He says that it’s Dhanak’s dream and asks him to not snatch her dream from her. Raghu begs to have another investigation so that they can prove Dhanak innocent. Dhanak surrenders all her things with a broken heart. Commissioners say that he’ll return her job once she proves herself innocent.

Dhanak starts leaving while the officers inform about her inquiry in the next two days. They also say that if she’s proven guilty then she may be jailed for a lifetime. Commissioner says that he repents for considering a traitor to be a sincere officer. Dhanak salutes him and Raghu takes her out by her shoulders.

Raghu brings a devastated Dhanak home. Mai asks Dhanak’s family members to leave as Dhanak needs some alone time. She says that they’ll take care of her. She indirectly taunts Dhanak for bringing disgrace to the family. She asks them to keep the information within themselves. Dhanak stands under the shower and reminisces all the events from her hard work to commissioner blaming her. She shouts crying and tries controlling herself.

Mai and Baba enjoy their victory and Saku hears everything. She taunts her from helping a terrorist. Mai informs Saku about her involvement in Dhanak’s case and about her plan. Saku says Mai that her gonna flop.

Precap: Raghu reads the newspaper and finds Dhanak accused of being a traitor. He decides to hide it from Dhanak.