Gathbandhan 6th August 2019 Written Update:- Mai spoils Raghu-Dhanak suhagraat

The episode starts with Raghu and Dhanak romancing. Raghu puts off the candles and is about to kiss Dhanak but unfortunately both rolls down from the bed. They continue their romance on the floor while someone enters the power room and removes the fuse. Dhanak panics but Raghu chose to ignore and enjoys the romance under the moonlight.

Later it’s revealed that its saba who removed the fuse on Mai’s insistence. Mai asks her to be aware of people identifying her. Mai creates ruckus about no lights and calls for Dhanak but Raghu stops her from leaving. He says that it’s normal and lights will be back soon. Mai still keeps shouting but got no response. She starts with her next plan. Mai asks forgiveness from God for what she’s about to do. Mai pours oil on her bed and lights it. The fire spreads all over the bed and Mai shouts for help.

Mai succeeds in spoiling Raghu and Dhanak suhagraat. Raghu gets shocked seeing fire and gets water to put off the fire. Dhanak tries helping him and gets burnt a little in the process. Raghu asks Mai if she’s fine and Mai says that she’s fine. She acts that she’s not aware that how did the bed catch fire. Aslan says that it’s all bad luck and Mai uses the situation and creates drama. She scolds him for calling their Jodi bad luck. She says that their Jodi is like ram Sita and its just the inauspicious time which resulted in all this. She acts supporting them and cleverly stops their suhagraat by convincing Dhanak to perform a pooja . Dhanak agrees hesitant while Raghu gets pissed off.

Dhanak shouts in pain because of burn and Mai treats wound. Dhanak sends Raghu to check for lights indirectly signaling Mai that she’s aware that it’s her plan. Raghu brings electrician and repairs the electricity. The electrician says that seems someone has voluntarily overloaded the fuse. Saba is seen hiding in toilet peeks out and gets happy for her plan.

Raghu enters to find a sleeping Dhanak while Mai stops him from waking her. She says that she has given her medicine and let her rest. Mai smirks seeing sleeping Dhanak and gets happy for her success plan.
Mai gets happy as she has given sleeping pills for Dhanak. Next morning Dhanak’s father gets a gift for her. He says that it’s a ritual to perform on the first day after marriage. Dhanak’s father advises her to be careful as the fight didn’t end yet. He asks her to be beware of upcoming challenges.

Dhanak sees Mai watching everything. Dhanak says that her father visited her to give her gifts for Teej. She bends down to take Mai’s blessings. Mai fake blesses Dhanak for her first Teej. Dhanak says that Raghu informed about overload. She says that she’s aware that both yesterday’s fire and today’s blessings are equally fake.

Precap: Mai gets ready for Teej celebration with mangal sutra and sindoor and Dhanak gets shocked