Gathbandhan 6th September 2019 Written Update:- Raghu hides Dhanak’s news from her but Mai exposes it in front of everyone

The episode starts with Dhanak crying under shower and Raghu comes and hugs her. He wipes her and covers her. Raghu sees a piece of cloth sticking on the cupboard and thinks it to be Dhanak’s. Raghu hugs Dhanak and Mai with her gang hides it watching. Saku asks her to see what happened and Baba assures her that the situation will definitely will weak their relation slowly.

Raghu wakes up the next morning and reminisces last night’s events. He feels helpless and visits Ganpati Bappa’s temple. He keeps ringing the bell furiously. He asks why did he punish Dhanak without any fault of hers. He begs to return his sonpapdi back in some way or other. He keeps ringing the bells furiously with both his hands. Raghu’s call with Dhanak is recorded in his phone but Raghu couldn’t hear it as he was ringing the bells.

Raghu leaves the place and finds a newspaper on the doorstep. He lifts it to find Dhanak accused of desh drohi in Kalyan Katri case. He decides to hide it before Dhanak could see it. He collects all the newspapers from everyone’s doorsteps before anyone could see them. Dhanak sees Raghu leaving but he runs away before she could catch him. He burns all the newspapers in an isolated area.

Dhanak wonders where did Raghu go but couldn’t find him. She’s about to leave but stops hearing his cough due to smoke. She calls out for him Raghu immediately burns all the papers before Dhanak could see them. He diverts Dhanak and takes her away home. Mai sees Raghu’s work and decides to reveal the news he is struggling to hide.

Ganesh Chaturthi pooja takes place while Raghu asks him to find a way to save Dhanak. Dhanak also prays for the same. Ganpati Bappa’s aarti takes place and his friends ask him to do aarti. Raghu goes to do aarti but Mai stops him with some work and sends him away. In the meantime, she gives flowers to everyone folded with Dhanak’s news bearing newspapers. Saku distributes it and everyone starts throwing flowers. When they are done one person notices Dhanak’s news in the paper. She questions Dhanak of the same and Dhanak gets shocked.

The chawl people scold Dhanak for hiding all the newspapers from them and feels disgusted. Raghu gets a call and drops his mobile by mistake. His recorded call with Dhanak plays and Raghu gets extremely happy. He runs happily thanking God. On his way, he hits Baba and Baba gives him his fallen mobile.

The people start badmouthing Dhanak and Mai scolds them. She asks them to not utter a word about her bahu. They say that they will say thousand things about her bahu and asks who will stop them while Raghu steps in that he will. They ask how will he prove that she’s innocent and he says he has proof to prove her innocence and Mai gets worried.

Precap: Raghu taunts them for forgetting all the good things Dhanak did to them and plays the recording.