Gathbandhan 7th August 2019 Written Update:- Mai reveals a big secret to Dhanak

The episode starts with Dhanak indirectly warning Mai to stop trying to separate her and Raghu. She blackmails Mai to reveal everything to Raghu but Mai didn’t get affected. Mai acts that she will do anything for her son and if he’s happy with her then she’ll not be a hindrance. Dhanak wishes it to be true and warns her to not play games.

Mai calls Raghu and asks him to get ready for pooja. Raghu hugs her and both Dhanak and Raghu leave. Mai’s maid asks if whatever she said is true but Mai reveals that it’s not. She says that if they get united then Raghu will not be devoted to her anymore.

Raghu complains Dhanak for overloading him with works but Dhanak asks him to hurry as she’s getting late for duty. Raghu says that if they are not married then he wouldn’t be doing all this while Dhanak argues from her part. Their cute nok jhok continues when Dhanak mistakenly pours water on him. Both share a romantic moment which is disturbed by Mai and both departs.

Dhanak asks Raghu to accompany her to the station but Raghu says that he needs to take care of pooja. Dhanak asks about the pooja while Raghu reveals that it’s a black day for Mai. He reveals that it’s his father’s death anniversary and he has to take care of the arrangements. Dhanak decides to stay but Raghu convinces her that he’ll take care and sends her off.

Mai has a talk with her husband’s photo and reveals her hatred for him when all of a sudden Raghu arrives there. Mai gets relieved that Raghu didn’t hear any of her talks. Raghu consoles Mai thinking her to be missing his father. Mai acts missing her husband and says that she’s upset as he couldn’t get his father. Raghu and Mai provide support for each other and share a moment. Mai asks Raghu to buy some gift for Dhanak as it’s their first day after marriage.

Dhanak receives a mysterious call but she easily recognizes it to be Raghu. She understands that he’s pranking her for a surprise. Dhanak reaches the place and gets shocked to see Mai dressed up as a married woman.

Dhanak gets shocked seeing it and follows her. She sees Mai offering prayers and calls out for her. Mai finds Dhanak and tries to escape but Dhanak stops her. Mai reveals that Raghu’s father is still alive and says no one knows about it not even Raghu. Mai asks Dhanak to listen to her once.

Mai says that she’s not like this before. She says that she’s also an ordinary woman like everyone. She says that it’s because of her husband Bharat Jadhav she changed to this extent. She says that he’s a very bad person and ran away leaving her and her son. Dhanak apologizes Mai for misunderstanding her.

Mai says that she doesn’t want Raghu to feel bad about his estranged father so she said that he’s dead. She wants only her son’s happiness. Dhanak asks if she tried finding him but Mai says that she didn’t. She says that he went on his own will and so will return on his own will too. She adds that it doesn’t make a difference anymore to her as she doesn’t care about him now. Mai warns Dhanak to not reveal anything to anyone while Dhanak stands confused.

Precap: Dhanak and Raghu have a talk about his father but Mai’s sidekick overhears it and misunderstands it. She informs Mai of the same and she gets furious.