Gathbandhan 9th September 2019 Written Update:- Raghu fails to prove Dhanak innocent and gets arrested

The episode starts with Raghu scolding his neighbors for being double-faced and asks how could they think Dhanak to be a traitor. They asks for proof and Raghu plays the recorder but finds it empty. Dhanak gets shocked and neighbors taunts him for his drama. Raghu says that he did had the proof but everyone fails to believe him. They keep shouting and scolding her and Dhanak stood shattered.

Baba says to Mai that Raghu is saying the truth. He says that he did had the proof and explains how he exchanged Raghu’s mobile phone by hitting him.

Baba offered modak to pandit to perform pooja but pandit refuses to take the offering from a Desh drogi. Dhanak unable to hear anymore taunts runs and locks the door from inside. Raghu keeps knocking but Dhanak doesn’t listen to him. He asks her to listen to him and assures that the whole world can be against her but he’ll always support her. He asks her to trust his love and says that he couldn’t bear tears in her eyes. He cries knocking and Dhanak finally opens the door. She throws herself in his arms and they share an emotional hug.

Next morning again Raghu checks the newspaper and sighs in relief as he couldn’t find any news about Dhanak in it. But his happiness is short-lived when he finds “Desh drogi Dhanak” written on the wall. He removes his shirt and starts wiping it when Dhanak comes out. She calls out for him and asks what’s he doing. He says it’s nothing and asks if she’s going somewhere. She says that she isn’t going anywhere as she can’t hear any more taunts. Raghu cheers her up and Dhanak leaves yo make tea for him.

Raghu visits commissioner and Dhanak searches for Raghu with tea. He gets shocked seeing Dhanak replaced by some other officer. He questions him how could he replace Dhanak. He asks him to once think about how sincere was Dhanak towards her job and says that he’s doing wrong. Commissioner says that only proof speaks and all the proofs are against Dhanak. He asks the constables to take him away while Raghu keeps shouting about Dhanak being innocent.

Commissioner having had enough asks him to shut up and scolds him. He calls Dhanak desh drohi and Raghu gets furious. He holds him by the collar and asks him not to say a word against Dhanak. Commissioner keeps taunting Raghu and Dhanak and Raghu threatens to kill him.

Saku informs Mai about Raghu getting arrested and Mai holds Dhanak responsible for the chaos she taunts her but Dhanak assures her that she’ll bring back Raghu. On her way, she faces people’s taunts and controls herself. Baba meets her on the way and asks her to leave and he’ll bring back Raghu. He assures her and Dhanak leaves only to find Desh drohi written on the wall and breaks down again.
Baba brings Raghu and Mai slaps him. Baba consoles her and Dhanak looks emotionally at him.

Mai brings a gun and asks Raghu to shoot her. Raghu by mistake fires the gun on the ground during the tiff.

Precap: Mai slaps herself with slipper and Dhanak feels helpless