Gathbandhan: Will Mai succeeds on stopping Raghu and Dhanak romance?

Colors TV popular show Gatbandhan has witnessed a high range of dramas with the lead couple finally tying the knot with Mai’s blessings. But the twist in the tale is that the drama doesn’t end here as Mai hasn’t accepted them with her own will.

In the previous episode, it’s witnessed that despite all the plannings of evil Mai and Maya Dhanak manages to conquer Raghu’s heart. Both Raghu and Dhanak ran off from the mandap and gets united. Dhanak threatens Mai with her newfound information of Mai’s involvement in the drug racket case. Caught red-handed, Mai unwillingly agrees for their marriage as a deal with Dhanak. Everyone gets happy except Dhanak who’s the only person to know the real reason for her change of heart. Mai gets both Raghu and Dhanak married much to the despise of Maya. Maya tries to stab Dhanak during her suhagraat but Mai saves Dhanak as a part of their deal. But with a turn of events, it’s revealed that Mai’s quench for revenge is still intact.

In the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Mai overloads the fuse resulting in a power cut to stop their romance. But her plan fails when both Raghu and Dhanak doesn’t give heed to it. Later she comes up with another plan of setting her own bed on fire. She shouts for help which breaks Raghu and Dhanak’s romance thus getting succeed in stopping their suhagraat.

Dhanak who’s well aware of Mai’s intention will get to know about her plans. She will find that all these are Mai’s planning to stop her from getting united with her husband. Later Mai will get ready for pooja and asks Dhanak to perform the pooja shocking Dhanak.

Will Mai ever able to accept Dhanak and will Dhanak manages to foul Mai’s plannings will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.