Gehna’s matrimonial profile is created: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

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With the wedding drama begining in Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2. We will see the pre wedding arrangements. Viewers are excited to see the first drama track of the show since it’s release.

Anant comes to Gehna who is sad seeing her parent’s Gathbandhan destroyed. Hema destroyed it to hurt Gehna. Anant cheers Gehna up and says to have this coffee. Gehna finds it bitter, Anant says because this is something new, once you get used to it you wont feel this way. Anant says he will make her have this so that she gets used to it. Then Anant says I know so little about you, tell me about yourself. Gehna asks for what? Anant shows that he is making her profile in matrimonial site, Gehna says wow I have seen this in ad, now my profile will also be here. Anant says yes. Gehna starts telling about her parents and how she learnt cooking from her mother and she also likes to fly kites. Gehna is very excited but later shys. Gehna’s pic is taken by Anant for the profile. Radhika comes and joins them. They have fun taking pics and discussing that how everyone will love Gehna. Gehna and Radhika also take some pics together.

On the other side Hema treats Alka badly. But then she is reminded how after Gehna goes, Alka can also leave and then Hema will be burdened with work. Hema tries to figure out some plan using Anant as pawn. While, Praful says he will spend even 1 crore if needed for Gehna’s marriage at that time Anant says groom’s family will come in evening, Praful gives him his card and says spend as much as required for the preparation.

In upcoming episodes, we will see the groom’s family coming and Radhika arranging some surprise for Gehna.

Will Groom’s family accept Gehna? Or will Hema’s plan work? Keep following Tellyexpress to know.