Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th February 2021 Written Update: Sai takes a strong stand for Mohit against Bhavani.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th February 2021 Written Update on

Devyani brings her saree to Sai and asks her to get he ready. Once you make me look beautiful I will meet my husband. Sai tells I am preparing for my test because it is my favorite professor’s test. Devyani tells you will be a very good doctor but she doesn’t tell his name to Sai. Sai tells she won’t ask his name again. Devyani tells my husband used to tell me he will bring gifts for me. Sai tells I will make your hairs.

Pulkit thinks about talking with Sai about Devyani and calls her. Sai tells Pulkit sir is a guest lecturer in out college,Devyani gets shocked at the mention of his name and gets into a flashback and starts crying. Sai asks her why is she crying on mention of Pulkit sirs name. Devyani begs her not to hurt him and runs away from there.

Sai gets a hint that Pulkit maybe the name of her husband. Mohit asks Karishma to bring food for her. He tells you made paranthe for me and starts eating. Karishma asks him to eat in his room,if Bhavani sees this she will scold me for cooking separately.

Bhavani enters and asks Mohit what is he doing in house now? She tells you have only five days. It is our bad luck that you were born in this family. She tells Karishma why did you cook separately for your husband?

Omkar tells you are so old now and we are still paying your bills. Karishma starts crying and asks Mohit if he has any self respect or not why can’t he find a job?

Pakhi asks if everything is alright? Bhavani tells when someone cannot earn what was the need to run and marry. Bhavani tells you studied in English medium and still cannot speak English. He is the black sheep of our family. Sonali tells Mohit’s health is not good so he stayed here today,he will go for interview tomorrow.

Mohit says I made a very big mistake of eating paranthe in this house. He tells Karishma not to give him food after today. He asks is everyone happy now? Bhavani tells a donkey will always remain a donkey. Are you showing attitude to me? Bhavani tells after today you won’t be given food in this house. Bhavani picks up his plate but Sai stops her.

Bhavani asks her how dare is she to stop her. Sai tells you have got used to snatching plates from everyone. Bhavani tells Virat your wife has held my hands. Virat asks what is going on? Karishma tells why don’t you ask this question to your brother? Mohit tells I was just eating a parantha but Bhavani couldn’t tolerate that and took away my plate. Bhavani tells him not to speak another word. Sai tells I stopped Bhavani and I will do this in future also. How can you stop anyone from eating,what kind of way is it to teach others.

Virat tells Sai is Mohit’s bhabhi and she has all the right to care about him. Karishma asks why is Sai suddenly concerned about Mohit? Pakhi tells Sai always want to do Bhavani’s opposite. Sai says Pakhi I have stopped listening to you , I think your life has only one motive and it is to taunt me but I am not like that and I don’t see who is making the mistake. I always stand against the wrong and with right and she stares at Bhavani.

Precap – Same as last day.

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