Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th November 2020 Written Update: Jattab is back.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th November 2020 Written Update on

Bhavani asks Patralekha what Ashwini, Sonali and Karishma keeps saying is this made up or did something happen between you. Pakhi says no we are just friends, Bhavani says no you are not friends you are devar-bhabhi. Sai asks why didn’t Aaba come to receive me. Virat says doctor has forbade him to stay away from sad faces. Sai fakes a laugh.

Virat says today is your second independence day, you are getting away from the safe house and you can also go to Nagpur. Sai says today after Puja I Will do preparation for going to Nagpur. Virat asks will you forget me after going to Nagpur? Sai says my father won’t let me, he mentions you 500 times a day. She asks if you will forget me, Virat says how can someone forget someone who speaks so much. Virat drops Sai at her house. Sai enters her house, Ae dil laya hai Bahar plays in Bm.

Sai hugs her father and aunt and says the decoration is so nice. Kamal says my daughter is a hero, stayed alone in safe house and helped in arresting criminals like Vitthal. Kamal applies oil to Sai’s hair, Sai asks do you remember what is it today. Kamal says it’s Purnima, Sai replies wow you really remember, yesterday the Pujari might have told you in temple right? Moushi says I have prepared Modak for you. Sai tells Kamal to promise her that he won’t get involved in this case anymore. Kamal says today is my last day in office I have to sign some documents.

He gets a call saying we have found Jattab. There is electricity failure in Chavan mansion. Ninad says hope Samrat is safe. Pakhi serves food to Bhavani,Mohit says Samrat’s favorite. Mansi breaksdown crying. Ashwini says whenever I cooked this Samrat became happy. Bhavani remembers Samrat eating it happily and starts crying. Luka Chupi plays in Bm. Bhavani imagines Samrat is here and feeds her. He hugs Omi. One by one Samrat feeds everyone.

As Bhavani is about to feed Samrat her imagination breaks as she is actually about to feed Omi. Everyone is shocked seeing Bhavani in such state. Ninad leaves after her. Virat gets a call about Jattab. Virat makes a plan about arresting Jattab. Virat says I won’t take you in field,Kamal says sir I want to finish my mission. I can’t stay quiet, Jattab is back now. Not as a inspector but as a father I am requesting you.

Virat says I clearly understand you but you are not going on this mission and this is an order. Kamal says the doha Guru gobind dohu khade Kake lagu Pai and asks Cadet Virat won’t you complete it. Virat says Balihari Guru Gobind dio btaye. Kamal says thn give me my guru dakhsina and take me with you in this mission. Virat says if a student doesn’t give dakhsina thn his education isn’t of use so you will come with me.

Precap – Jattab points a gun at Kamal and says it’s enough now. Virat enters and throws Jattab on ground and says it’s game over for you now. Jattab throws sand in Virat’s eye and shoots. Kamal comes in front of Virat to save him and gets hit by bullet. Sai shouts Aaba.

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