Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th February 2021 Written Update: Virat supports Sai and scold Pakhi for finding reasons to taunt Sai.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th February 2021 Written Update on

Sai tells I don’t care who is doing the wrong,I always take right’s side. Sonali tells what about the mistakes you do? She tells if anything is wrong in this house,it is you? Virat asks Sonali how can she say something like this about Sai? Sai tells if Bhavani is responsible she wouldn’t have snatched food from Mohit,there are many other ways to explain.

She tells what kind of behavior is this house? You all love one son but you don’t even let other son eat food. Sai tells I am not leaving from here till you finish eating. Bhavani tells IPS Virat is now under his wife’s control. Virat tells snatching food is wrong. Mohit tells I am not hungry. Bhavani tells Sonali you have learnt acting like your son,your love has made him like this. She tells Mohit to become responsible he still has time.

Mohit tells he won’t be able to eat. He tells Bhavani gave me 7 days time to find job and I have been giving interviews since last two days even when I was ill. I didn’t go today as I was not feeling well and so I asked Karishma to cook for me. She told me to eat in room because if anyone saw it will be a trouble but I did not go because eating food in my own house won’t cause any trouble but it did.

Virat tells Mohit you can eat whatever you want,wherever you want. Mohit tells you are saying so but Bhavani can’t bear me in this house. He tells maybe I was weak in studies but I did all the works of house when Virat and Samrat were busy in this house,he gets emotional and Virat hugs him.

Bhavani tells I used to think you are a bad actor but he did such nice acting and is complaining about me to his brother. Sai tells Mohit that if you don’t eat,today no one will get to eat. Virat tells whatever Sai did today is absolutely right,she is supporting this family’s member who is hungry and ill.

Pakhi tells whatever Sai does is for this family’s good. She tells Sai why are you staring at me like this,I am speaking from your side. Sai tells I am realising my mistake,I used to think you are educated but you don’t have any knowledge about life and relations. Virat asks Pakhi don’t you think you should ask some questions to yourself? You are just finding excuses to taunt her and if you cannot listen to her taunts you have to stop finding ways to insult her.

Sai tells Mohit to eat or she will feed him forcefully. Virat makes Mohit sit down and Sai feeds him with her hands. Sai tells him to finish the food and not to cry anymore. Sonali tells Bhavani snatched food from Mohit’s hand and you didn’t say a single word, is he not your son?

Omkar tells Ninad and Bhavani control this house so even if I want to I cannot speak against them. Sonali tells what Sai did today should have been done by us but we couldn’t do anything. Sonali tells I am not denying that Sai is mannerless but what Sai did for my son today I cannot help but praise her.

Pulkit hands test paper to everyone and wishes everyone best. Sai looks at Pulkit and thinks about Devyani’s reaction on listening to his name. Pulkit thinks it Devyani is Sai’s sister-in-law,I have to ask Sai about her. Sai thinks why does Devyani think she is married. She remembers even Pulkit sir got disturbed on Devyani’s mention and got emotional listening to her story. Pulkit thinks he has to meet Devyani if she is staying in Chavan Nivas.

Sai gets a call from Ashwini. Ashwini tells you faught with Bhavani for Mohit. She tells Bhavani always keeps saying mast ha mast and never realize her mistake.

Pulkit remembers Bhavani saying the same to him.Flashback shows Bhavani telling Pulkit what prove do you have to call Devyani your wife? She tells Pulkit that Devyani is married and went to her in-laws. Ninad and Omkar threatens Pulkit and asks him never to visit Chavan nivas again. Pulkit decides to find out about Devyani as he got some hint about her finally after so many years.

Precap – same as last day.

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