Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th November 2020 Written Update: Ashwini takes on Ninad.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 11th November 2020 Written Update on

Those students who dont pay their teacher their education isnt of use of to them. Virat says I will lead this operation,no one will fire without my orders,no one will move forward without cover. Duty and emotions and are two different things. He asks Kamal isn’t it?

Kamal agrees with him. Virat says I am coming to get caught in trap laid by you Jattab. Jattab and his goons lay down a trap. Bhavani has headache,Ninad brings medicine for her. Bhavani says I am worried for Samrat but I also have another tension if Samrat doesnt return than his entire savings will go to Pakhi instead of Mansi. Bhavani says we should love Pakhi and make her feel at home so she doesnt want to go back.

Ashwini comes and taunt Ninad and says it is the duty of husband to give medicine to wife also if she has fever. Bhavani asks if she has fever? Ninad replies she has only slight fever,Ashwini mocks and says yes slight 102.Ashwini says wish I had a good luck that my husband feed me medicine. Bhavani says luck is in our own hands we write our own luck,Ashwini says how can I write my pen has already been taken.

Ashwini says now carry on your important talk give lots of love to Pakhi but Bhavani you must agree that Patralekha has more right over Samrat’s money. I am not worried about Patralekha,I am worried about my son Virat because I dont want to see him after his bhabhi ,Ninad interrupts and shouts at her to stay quiet.

Virats jeep is caught in Jattab’s trap. Jattab and his men fire at the jeep. when his goons check Virat isnt inside the jeep. Jattab says did he escape? His goons says the trap is too deep that’s not possible. Flashback shows Virat jumped out of the jeep before falling in trap. Sai is worried about her father. She keeps praying to God. Virat orders everyone to take their position and fire on his order. They take position and start firing. They kill all goons of Jattab. Kamal remembers misdoing of Jattab and runs towards him,Virat shouts and tries to stop him. Kamal beats Jattab and while fighting his protection thread falls.

.Jattab threatens Kamal with his gun,Virat kicks him to ground. Jattab throws mud in Virat’s eyes and fires his gun. Kamal is hit by the bullet. Sai comes to her father and tells nothing will happen to you,you are heman. Virat says we should go to hospital. Sai is angry at Virat. Virat tells Jattab you shot at my teacher now I will make you regret it more than you would have ever seen in your dreams. Kale kaka says its not Virat sir’s fault that Kamal sir was hit,he himself took the bullet to save Virat sir. Sai says I know very well who’s fault it is and who’s isnt.

Precap – Kamal is in Operation Theatre and says Virat you have already given my Guru Dakshina but please promise me one more thing. If I die during operation you wil take care of my daughter Sai,please promise me. Virat holds his hand.

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