Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 12th November 2020 Written Update: Pakhi reveals about Samrat’s missing status to Virat.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 12th November 2020 Written Update on

Kale kaka says it wasn’t Virat sir’s fault Kamal sir himself took the bullet to save Virat sir. Sai says I know very well whose fault it is and whose it isn’t. Kamal asks for water, Virat is about to give him but Sai shouts and says he is hit by bullet we can’t give him water. Sai says we will reach hospital in two minutes nothing Will happen to you. They reach hospital, Kamal is taken to OT, Sai calls Milind kaka as his blood group is same as his father’s. Virat calls Pakhi and says we went to catch a good and he shot at me. Kamal sir came in between otherwise it would have been me lying in hospital. Virat says he wish he didn’t allow Kamal to go on mission.

Pakhi asks if he is OK, Virat asks what happened, you wanted to ask something? Pakhi tells him Samrat is missing in action, Virat is shocked and asks when did this happen? Pakhi says he is missing and his regiment is searching for him. They didn’t tell you by because of your duty. Virat says I will come back but I have to take care of Sai also as I promised Kamal sir. Virat says please take care of yourself and others also.

Pakhi says I am feeling very alone, today I need my best friend the most. Nurse says patient wants to meet you, his condition is critical. Virat disconnect call and goes to meet Kamal. Sai prays to God for Kamal’s recovery. Virat asks why did he come in between, why didn’t you let the bullet hit me. Kamal says don’t be sorry, I am happy I am dying on duty as a policeman it is a matter of pride for me. Kamal says my daughter is mad please don’t fell bad if she says something.

She is good at heart, I am not sad that I am dying instead about being separated from my daughter. She doesn’t have any one in this world besides me, Kamal says I have very less time maybe I will die during operation so give me a promise that you will take care of my daughter Sai. Pleaser Sir I have already taken guru dakshina from you but please promise me. Virat promises him to take care of Sai. Doctor says we have to operate soon as already we have lots of blood.

Sai buys flowers and other articles for worship. She purchases milk and keeps saying nothing will happen to my father, Mahadev will save him. She prays to God while the operation is going on. Virat sits and recalls how Kamal came in between the bullet and him to save his life. Moushi prays to God to save Kamal. Diya extinguishes outside and Kamal dies inside the OT. Sai lights the Dia again. Doctors try to save Kamal, Sai prays to God.

Precap – Sai is weeping continuously and shouts at Virat my father didn’t die you have killed him. You are a murderer. You have killed my father.

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