Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th February 2021 Written Update: Sonali and Karishna try to instigate Pakhi further.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th February 2021 Written Update on

Virat asks did you cancel the trip just because Sai is going with us? Pakhi tells I am doing nothing wrong,if you want you can go with your wife. Sai tells Virat I told you to inform Pakhi. Virat tells Sai thinks about you, she asked me will Pakhi like it if I join you people on trip? Sonali tells Virat should have informed you before only.

Ninad tells Virat where was your maturity when your were hiding this from all of us? Pakhi asks were you going to celebrate honeymoon in the name of Samrat’s work. Sai gets what is this nonsense? Virat tells If we wanted to go on honeymoon we could have gone earlier also.

Sai asks Pakhi you tell me what kind of trip are you going with my husband? Virat tells Pakhi this is the reason I didn’t inform you because If I tell you,you will cancel the trip. I thought I will take you two together so that you can get along with each other. I wanted to take you to away from here so that you can understand each other. Virat tells let me give swords to you so that both of you can kill me first and than kill each other.

Pakhi tells I have decided I am not going on this trip. Ashwini asks what is your problem Patralekha, that Sai is coming along with you or is it something else? Virat tells to finish this discussion here and come for the work they were going. Pakhi tells I will send the letter from here only or if needed I will go to Ladakh with my father. She tells I free you from all work of Samrat. The official papers are for me and Mansi so I will take care of it,you and your wife don’t have to think about it.

Sai tells I knew you won’t like me coming along with you but I will request you not to cancel the trip,you can go along with Virat as planned I will go to college. Bhavani tells Sai is right,she asks Pakhi to go on trip. Pakhi tells Virat will be sad in leaving his loving wife behind and now I am used to being alone. Pakhi is about to fall but Sai holds her hand. Pakhi tells you don’t need to save me,you need to take care of your husband more.

Pakhi is in her room crying thinking why does Virat do this me? I just wanted to talk with him and remove all the complaints I had from him. She tells her father I didn’t go anywhere Virat was taking Sai with us without informing me. Her father tells what is wrong in this? Sai is Virat’s wife and it is natural for her to go along with him.

Ashwini comes to Virat and Sai’s room,she tells Pakhi may have cancelled this trip but both you and Sai have taken vacation so the two of you can go somewhere for two day. Sai tells I told Virat to tell everything to Pakhi,all of this wouldn’t have happened. No matter what happens,Bhavani kaku might be blaming me. Ashwini tells everyone keeps blaming her but today only she showed maturity and understanding.

Sonali and Karishma come to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi asks them to leave her alone for sometime. Karishma tells you got chance to have some happiness in your life but Sai couldn’t even tolerate that.

Pakhi tells not to talk about Sai in front of her. Sonali tells because of Sai the day starts with fight and this house feels like boxing ring. Karishma tells Pakhi I can come along with you for shopping. Bhavani tells you want to fulfil your desires by taking her name.

Bhavani tells what else can you say other then useless things. Sonali asks her to leave. Bhavani tells you may have been hurt due to Virat’s action. Pakhi tells Virat maybe feeling that I am selfish for cancelling the trip. Bhavani tells time changes quickly. Whatever Sai did today and maybe she is good in Virat’s eye but soon she will do something that Virat will be against her very soon.

Precap – Sai tells Ashwini she is going to her proffesor’s house. She doesn’t want to take Pulkit’s name in front of everyone so she tries to leave without telling everyone but Virat stops her and says today Sai will have to leave her stubbornness.

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