Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th May 2021 Written Update: Virat scolds Ninad for stopping Sai from meeting her husband

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi telling Virat we can insult someone by saying thanks as well. Sai says to Pakhi whatever I tell you you consider it as your insult. People who know me never tell me that I insult them. Bhavani warns Virat that he can worship his wife but Sai can’t humiliate Pakhi. If Sai does that she won’t tolerate. Ashwini thinks Chavans are behind Sai. Sai can again leave the house.

Ashwini shuts Bhavani. Bhavani says then why Pakhi is sad. Pakhi interrupts saying Virat and Sai are incapable of understanding my pain. They know how to blame me. Virat says he does get it why Pakhi behaves so strangely.

Sai is looking after her husband how can that be a humiliation to you. It’s Sai’s responsibility. Pakhi replies she refused to come back from Gadchiroli, where was her responsibility then? suddenly she returned after you took the bullet.

Pakhi tells I am reminding you of the incidents as I think you forgot your family’s insult. Or I guess Sai is manipulative. Virat stops Pakhi saying I don’t you to feel insulted again. As we have done nothing wrong for that you are making it a big issue and you don’t need to give me reminder.

Ashwini supports Virat saying why Pakhi is overreacting when a husband and wife trying to forget their differences. Pakhi taunts Ashwini saying you feel good whenever I am sad right?

Virat stops her from behaving rudely with his mother. Pakhi says I only care for you Virat. I just told Sai to not disturb Virat when he was taking rest. But Virat can’t see her care. Sai tells Pakhi, I want to question you on what basis you think you can stop me from meeting my husband?

Ninad even told Pakhi to block my way. Virat gets shocked to know Ninad also is involved. Virat asks Pakhi you always talk logically then why you didn’t object to Ninad’s idea? Ninad says I didn’t commit anything wrong.

Virat tells just because you are my father you can’t insult my wife. Omkar accuses Sai saying she is only pitying you. Virat says Sai was worried for me, she was very disturbed thats why she called me several times.

That’s not just pity. Why all of you can’t feel good that Sai and I are finally trying to sort out our issues. Bhavani says sure, we won’t tell Virat anything from now on. Virat is about to move but he feels pain.

Sai holds him. Bhavani says Virat can do whatever he feels. Ashwini taunts Bhavani after years of experience you took so much time to understand this simple thing. Sonali says how can you insulting Bhavani? Ashwini adds I am only trying to make her understand. In all these years no one in the house took stand for me. Not even my husband. But I am happy that my son is not like you all.

He supports his wife. Ninad stops Ashwini to shut her mouth. Ashwini says you are right we should stop this chaos. It’s not good for Virat’s health. Sai says Virat needs rest, I’ll take care of him.

Sai tells Ashwini when I will go to college you can take care of him. Pakhi all of a sudden says Sai deserves to get an award for her cleverness. She wants to handover her duties to Ashwini for her studies. But Virat can’t see her fault.

Virat says Sai can’t lose out on her studies as well for me. You didn’t think that? Pakhi says you are Sai’s lawyer. Always ready to defend her. Why? Why she thinks in her absence we can’t take care of Virat? It’s all her drama.

Sai says I am not running away from my responsibility but I want to become a doctor which is also a part of my responsibility I can’t ignore. Other than that I’ll take care of my husband.

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Precap- Virat holds Sai’s hands while she was feeding him. Virat says this house is nothing without Sai. Sai says she feels the same but she will do something to solve the matter.

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