Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th November 2020 Written Update: All ladies of Chavan family keeps fast for their husbands

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 13th November 2020 Written Update on

Doctor comes out of operation theater, Moushi runs to him and asks if Kamal is ok. Doctor says we tried a lot but couldn’t save him,I am sorry. Mousi starts crying, Virat looks at Kamal and remembers how Kamal came and took the bullet. Virat remembers Kamal’s last word to take care of Sai. He says where is Sai call her.

Moushi comes and tell Sai Kamal kaka is no more. Sai comes in OT, calls her father and says you remember yesterday we were supposed to do Purnima Puja together but you didn’t come. But don’t worry I did the Puja, here take the Prasad, Sai says don’t make me angry. He is angry because I keep scolding him. I won’t scold you anymore, please wake up. Virat holds Sai and says inspector Joshi is no more. Mansi is leaving with a suitcase.

Everyone asks where is she going, she says I am going to Ladakh to find my son. Bhavani says his entire regiment can’t find him what will you do, Mansi says I am a mother, I will find him anyhow. Ninad says we are all worried for Samrat but now we can’t do anything but wait. Bhavani says don’t worry Samrat is a soldier not a child that you will find him.

Ashwini says Savitri brought back her husband from Yamaraja even our Patralekha will do same. This is our Maratha tradition to keep fast for our husband even Patralekha will keep fast. Patralekha nods. Virat puts Sai’s hand oh her fathers head, she says why is he cold. She starts crying why did you leave me why? How will I leave without you?

Please come back, I won’t scold you ever, I won’t tell you to drink karele ka juice or do exercise. Virat tells Sai to control, Sai shouts at Virat and tells my father didn’t die you killed him you are a murderer. You knew my father isn’t well, you knew his health is not ok still you took him with you, he died because of you.

Moushi picks up Sai and takes her outside. Karishma ask for pickle, asks her if there is any good news. She says no just like this only, Karishma asks her to eat because tomorrow we all have to keep fast. Bhavani comes and gives her new jewelleries and saree, she tells her to wake up early tomorrow and do Puja.

Ashwini says if she does fast with heart not only Samrat Will be safe but she will get same husband for next seven life. She wants Samrat as husband or not? Pakhi just nods. Vitthal is with his son Jattab on wheel chair and tells Virat your inspector is gone. You arrested me, now I am out, now my son will also come out of jail on bail and you will fail.

Virat says if you weren’t in police custody I would have killed you both. Virat says don’t worry wherever I am posted no one can save you now. Entire Maharashtra police is after you, not just your father even God can’t save you now. My Kamal sir’s sacrifice won’t go in vain both you father and son will rot in jail.

Precap – policemen hand Sai Kamals’s uniform. Virat comes to her house but she asks him to stop before he can enter the house.

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