Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th December 2020 Written Update: Sai leaves house for some work.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th December 2020 Written Update on

Virat says I shouldn’t have taken Gadchiroli posting. Neither I would have taken posting nor I would have been blamed. If department suspends me my name, fame and career all will be finished. All my honesty will be in mud and the girl who is responsible has came to feed me. He tells her my brain is full how do expect fool will go down.

Pakhi tells Virat not to worry as he did not do anything wrong. She asks him to think and calm down. Virat says he can’t understand anything. He says he knows about Vithal’s power in Gadchiroli no one from this village will come forward. Sai tells I told him to inform the police headquarters but he didn’t listen to me. Pakhi tells him it’s not necessary to know everything one just needs to understand his friend. Do you not understand how much trouble is Virat in?

Sai tells Virat your mother is right you don’t open your heart to anyone otherwise you would have informed your family when I came to request you. You should have informed your family or atleast Pakhi. Virat asks what do you want to prove that I liked you and I wanted to marry you? Sai asks you could have talked to me about your problem but you think only your friend is wise, I won’t tolerate this insult and leaves angrily from room. Karishma watches her and says she definitely had a fight with Virat.

ISai knocks on Usha’s door. She enters her room and tells no one said me anything and you also don’t tell me anything. She lies in Usha’s lap and asks do I increase everyone’s trouble. She asks her to sleep early as we have some work tomorrow. Usha tells her to behave properly with family members especially Virat. She tells Sai said father have thought me to speak the truth always. Usha tells her Virat went against his family to support you and u keep fighting with him always.

Usha tells I asked Sai to come here as I am not well. Virat says I can catch lies easily tell Sai if stays her tonight this Will be her room. Sai sleeps there angrily. Virat can’t fall asleep at night and thinks the room is feeling so strange without Sai. Even Sai can’t sleep. Virat keeps thinking about Sai over and over. Let her sleep wherever she wants to. Sai keeps thinking about Virat’s word. Bhavani asks Pakhi to prepare a list. Karishma brings tea and asks to add oat in list.

Bhavani asks her why does she want to loose weight she says no. Bhavani asks Pakhi to add whatever she wants. She asks for cornflakes. Ninad asks her to add oats also. Sai and Usha are leaving somewhere. Bhavani asks where are you going? Bhavani asks where are you going leaving all work. She tells her not to go anywhere. Sai tells we are going for some important work. Ninad asks Virat to control is wife. Omi says even today we don’t go anywhere without asking Vahini.

Sonali tells you are married in a big house this is not forest you have to follow some rules. Virat tells her to go wherever she wants atleast inform. Shivani asks her to tell everyone and go no one will stop her. Pakhi tells no need to ask she won’t reply. Sai tells I don’t think its important to inform and I won’t tell. Virat tells her to stay in limit. Ninad gets angry. Bhavani tells Sai I will break your legs if you don’t answer me.

Virat asks Bhavani to cool down. Sai brings a rods and asks Bhavani to break her legs. Sai says I will go with broken legs but I still won’t tell. Virat asks her to behave properly or she would have to leave his house. Sai says you have told this before also. Virat says I don’t think I can fulfill my promise to Virat sir. Sai tells him I am ready to go from this house and your life. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. Pakhi asks Virat to leave for office as he has important work. Bhavani tells Sai what is your important work. Sai says ok I will tell but after returning and leaves.

Precap – Sai leaves for police headquarters. She tells Usha I am going to inform how they treat me at home.

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