Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th November 2020 Written Update: Sai is unable to get over her father’s death

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 14th November 2020 Written Update on

Sai breakdown crying at her father’s last rites. Police officer’s ask Virat to give mukhagni. Virat remembers his training days, Kamal saying Duty and emotions are two separate things and they should remember so. He remembers Kamal saving his life and telling him he won’t go to Nagpur until Jattab is arrested

. Sai says I am my father’s daughter and son both. I will perform his rites no one else, specially not his murderer. Sai says how will I control myself, the one who used to control me is gone. Virat remembers his promise to Kamal that he will take care of Sai. The ladies of Chavan family are performing VatSavitri Pooja.

Bhavani says don’t leave hope, Patralekha has kept fast for Samrat he will be back soon. Karishma says if you can’t control thrist you can drink water, I promise I won’t tell everyone. Are you keeping this fast for Samrat or are you keeping because everyone is forcing you to. Ashwini says if we believe even a stone turns into God, here we are talking about Samrat.

Patralekha might have some manners from her parents she will keep the fast for her husband Samrat. Sai remembers her childhood days with Kamal. O ri chiriya, angana Mai phir aa ja plays in BM. Police officers bring Kamal’s uniform. Sai is continuously crying. She hugs her father’s dress and starts crying loudly how I will spend my life without you.

Virat brings Kamal’s ashes but Sai asks him to stop outside the house. She says go away from here. Virat says I am also sad for Kamal sir. Sai says I don’t want to see his face, tell him to go away. Virat says Kamal sir was my teacher. Sai says that’s why you killed him. You are his murderer, you gave him hope and thn you killed him. You are the reason for his death. I will get you punished for this crime. Sai tells him to Get out.

Virat says you will realize your thinking is wrong. Sai says I will prefer to die thn watch your face. Milind kaka takes asthiya from Virat. Sai says Swargiya Kamal Joshi’s daughter is alive she will perform all rites. Virat says Sai wants to become doctor now it is my responsibility. Milind says what hapenned to Kamal we all know but what when Kamal and Jattab come out tomorrow.

Virat says Sai won’t stay here, she will stay in Nagpur medical college’s hospital. Milind says not just her education you should take complete care of Sai.
Precap – Mousi says you should marry Sai. Sai comes out shouting are you guys mad, yesterday my father died and today you are talking about my marriage. And even if he is the last boy in this world I would never marry him.

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