Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th February 2021 Written Update: Virat and Sai get into a heated argument about Pakhi.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 15th February 2021 Written Update on

Pulkit asks Sai she was about to go on trip for few days so what is she doing here? Sai tells some people did not like her going on a trip so it got cancelled. Pulkit tells maybe her inlaws are of old thinking. Sai ask him if he is married and he asks her about Devyani at the same time. Pulkit invites her for lunch at his house. He asks what happened to Devyani? Sai tells she is ill and misses her husband a lot. Pulkit asks her to invite him for dinner someday. Sai agrees to him.

Virat tells Sai he is sorry that she had to she had to listen so much due to him. Sai tells I am happy that the trip was cancelled,I didn’t want to go with both of you. Virat asks was she not going with her own wish? Sai tells she said yes because she couldn’t tell him no. Virat asks if she thinks he is her enemy? Sai tells sometimes I think it is better if we don’t talk to each other.

Virat tells do you have any idea how much you are hurting me? He asks her why she has so much ego? Even people who want good for her cannot cross the wall of her ego,she will remain alone if she stays like this. Sai tells even today she is alone. She tells you can see me ego but you cannot see what Pakhi did. Are you going to be responsible for what she did today? She keeps finding ways to insult me. I even said sorry to her but she still canceled her trip. She tells your family uses you like a toy to keep her happy.

Sai tells you met her in Yoga retreat and fell in love with each other. You are not friends with Pakhi,you are much more than that. Why can’t you accept that you love her? Sai tells atleast Pakhi has the guts to show her love but you hide it inside is it because you think I will feel bad? But I have not forgotten that our marriage is a deal so I don’t care.

Virat tells Sai she always says that she doesn’t lie but today whatever you said about me and Pakhi is a lie. Sai asks if all this is a lie didn’t you tell me marriage that you’re committed? Weren’t you talking about Pakhi then? Sai tells I accepted your commitment and never expected anything from you. Sai tells it would have been better if you went to Ladakh instead of saying sorry to me. Virat tells Sai she doesn’t have understanding of people.

Sai tells who gave you the right to question my understanding? Virat tells your father gave me this right . Sai tells no he just gave you my responsibility,why didn’t you tell him that you are taking this responsibility but I won’t be able to fulfill it.

Sai tells I don’t interfere in anyone’s personal matter and would expect the same from you. Virat thinks why can’t Sai ever understand him? Sad Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mai plays in BM as Sai and Virat go to sleep.

Pakhi is sitting near her bed thinking why does Virat always do wrong with her? She remembers Virat telling Sai will join them on the trip.
Virat thinks how to initiate a talk with Sai as she is studying in the garden.

Bhavani jokes it was nice that she was not born during Shah Jahan’s time or else he would have cut her hands for making such nice tea. Bhavani asks Pakhi to give tea to Virat. Virat asks Pakhi to give him one more cup. Ashwini hands him another cup and asks him to give to Sai. Bhavani taunts him for taking tea for her. Virat says it’s not a big deal as she is studying since morning.

Precap – Same as last day.

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